Makka Pakka washes faces at In The Night Garden Live

On Sunday afternoon we headed to Cannon Hill park here in Birmingham to see the Pinky Ponk show at In The Night Garden Live. The 2018 tour is now underway, and it is the last clnance to watch the beloved characters from the Night Garden in their infamous Showdome.… Continue Reading “Makka Pakka washes faces at In The Night Garden Live”

Golden Bear In the Night Garden toys

Review: Bath & Bedtime with In the Night Garden

I think that a structured bedtime routine is really important for kids to get them down to sleep at the end of the day. We have been using the same routine for several years now, and it works really well to calm the girls down ready for bed. We’ve been sent some new In the Night Garden toys from Golden Bear to help with our bedtime routine, and so we can share our thoughts & opinions on them.… Continue Reading “Review: Bath & Bedtime with In the Night Garden”

Review: In the Night Garden Explore & Learn Musical Activity Table

Georgie and Lydia are both In the Night Garden fans; although Georgie is getting a bit old for it they both still enjoy watching the show – and Lydia absolutely adores Upsy Daisy! We were offered this activity table to try out, and even though Lydia is at the top end of the age range for this type of toy, she has been having a great time testing it out – and so has her big sis!… Continue Reading “Review: In the Night Garden Explore & Learn Musical Activity Table”

Iggle Piggle Love – My Sunday Photo

We were at Alton Towers to visit CBeebies Land earlier this week, and this photo of Lydia with Iggle Piggle just melts my heart. She was so excited to see him there and waited impatiently for her turn to give him a big cuddle and kiss, running straight into his outstretched arms. The girls also got the chance to meet Upsy Daisy, and Georgie cuddled… Continue Reading “Iggle Piggle Love – My Sunday Photo”

Poorly but demanding!

My little girl is definitely feeling a little under the weather right now. We’re pretty sure she’s teething (AGAIN), and I have a feeling that it is the root cause of her strange sleeping and eating patterns, along with the dodgy tum she’s been experiencing the last few days. To put it bluntly: her nappies are really quite unpleasant lately, and there are various items… Continue Reading “Poorly but demanding!”