Makka Pakka washes faces at In The Night Garden Live

We were given our tickets free of charge for the purpose of this honest review, and paid a fee for our time.

On Sunday afternoon we headed to Cannon Hill park here in Birmingham to see the Pinky Ponk show at In The Night Garden Live. The 2018 tour is now underway, and it is the last clnance to watch the beloved characters from the Night Garden in their infamous Showdome.

We were invited along to the show as part of the Fantastic For Families campaign, which encourages all members of the family to get out and discover arts and culture such as theatre, dance, museums, and more. Their summer theme is nature and the great outdoors. Georgie and Lydia had great fun before and after the show climbing trees and playing in the park so they got outdoors and got a dose of culture with our theatre trip!

As well as the “Pinky Ponk” show, where Makka Pakka washes faces, there is a “Ninky Nonk” show all about Iggle Piggle and his lost blanket. Super fans can go to both shows to see both the stories!

As I mentioned, this is your last chance to see In The Night Garden Live in their purpose built showdome, which is designed for every audience member, big or small, to have a clear view of the stage. There are just ten rows of seating, which are like large carpeted steps spanning out from the stage, with enough space on each row for your little ones to move around during the show without disturbing anyone else. There were excited toddlers jumping to their feet and dancing with glee when their favourite characters appeared on stage, which was lovely to see.

Even though she is getting a touch old for it, Lydia absolutely loved the show & was happily singing and dancing along with her soft toy Upsy Daisy clutched in her hands. Seeing all the little children’s faces light up in delight as they saw Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, and their friends on the stage was really lovely.

All of the main characters were there, and as each come out as the story unfolded, they danced along to their song just as they do on the TV show.

They have different puppets for some of the characters to show the different scales between the characters, and all the puppeteers were brilliant. It was really entertaining and clearly went down well with the entire audience of little fans.

The showdome itself has seen better days, so it isn’t shocking that it is time for its retirement. With the weather as hot as if has been, it was unsurprising that it was absolutely roasting inside despite the ventilation, but the ushers did hand out fans for us to borrow during the show which did help a lot!

Overall we all enjoyed the show, and all the happy kids in the audience certainly did too! This is the third time we have been and the girls have loved it each time. All of the ‘ingredients’ for an episode of In The Night Garden were there; starting with Iggie Piggle in his boat and ending with the characters being tucked into bed to go to sleep… it really is like having an episode of the show play out right in front of you.

We definitely recommend it to any super fans of the show, & it is an amazing way to introduce children to line theatre. Every thing is geared towards the target age, from the huge parking area for buggies to the baby changing facilities and the casual seating arrangement. They even have a tv screen with a feed of the live show just outside the main area, where you can take your child for a little break if they are overwhelmed by the crowd or costumes.

In The Night Garden Live is on at Cannon Hill park until 22nd July, and then they will be at intu Trafford Centre in Manchester from 28th July to 19th August. You can even pre-book goodie bags online for an extra treat, and they are stuffed full.