Review: Little Live Bizzy Bubs

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review, and I have been paid a fee for my time. However, as per my PR Info page, this review represents our honest opinion of the product. This post may contain affiliate links.

Product: Little Live Bizzy Bubs

Price: £14.99 for single packs, £22.99 for playsets.

Age Range: 5-8 years

Manufacturer’s Description: The Bizzy Bubs babies are on the go! These bundles of joy are always way too busy for bedtime as they’re constantly having fun, they’re full of life and personality and they can’t wait to play and show you what they do! We would like to introduce you to the Little Live Bizzy Bubs babies, who all have their own unique personalities, plus some other playsets which will complete your little one’s playtime with the Little Live Bizzy Bubs from Character Options.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: We were sent a selection of Little Live Bizzy Bubs toys to play with, and Lydia has fallen a little bit in love with these teeny babies that all do different things. We have a few of the Little Live Pets toys which have all been favourites of our girls, so it is nice to see the Little Live range extend to interactive dolls, too!

We got the Little Live Bizzy Bubs Cute Crib playset with Gracie, the Little Live Bizzy Bubs Cute Carrier playset with Swirlee, and the Little Live Bizzy Bubs Crawling Baby – Poppy single pack for Lydia to try out. You can also get single packs for Primmy, who crawls, Polly Petals & Snowbeam, who walk, and Baby Harper, who claps.

All of the Little Live Bizzy Bubs come with a baby bottle and dummy/pacifier in a matching colour to their nappy or hair. They all run off 4 LR44 batteries which are included – the batteries can be replaced by removing their hair and then using a screwdriver to access their battery compartment.

The Bizzy Bubs all make sounds and perform actions when you press the button on their nappy, and they all have an on/off switch so you can conserve battery life when not in use, although they do also ‘fall asleep’ after 15 minutes of inaction too – so you don’t have to worry too much about your child leaving them on and draining the batteries!

Gracie, who comes with a crib to sleep and play in, dances by bopping up and down and waving her arms up and down. She is really sweet with a stripy nappy and pink hair.

I love the little details on these toys, like the ruffle on her nappy, and the little stars in her eyes!

Swirlee, who comes in a carrier with an adjustable handle and cover, plays peekaboo with you! She is ice cream themed with an ice cream cone style nappy and her blue hair in two swirled cone style pigtails.

Lydia really enjoys putting Swirlee in and out of her carrier, and carries her around using the little handle. 

Lastly, we have Poppy, who crawls along the floor – she can cover a pretty good distance for such a little toy! A nice touch is that Poppy’s button is on the back of her nappy instead of her front, so it is easily accessible while she is crawling. I really like her colour scheme too.

All of the Bizzy Bubs can be fed with their bottle – if they don’t respond straight away to this we found waking them up with the button just before putting it in did the trick. They make slurping sounds while they drink, and when they you remove it they make a satisfied sound – and sometimes a little burp, which the kids found hilarious!

There are plenty of ways to interact with your baby – each time you press the button they might do their unique action or sometimes even sing a song. Press it three times really quickly and you are tickling them – they’ll respond with a giggle, and if you carry on pressing it she will giggle even more.

Of course, every baby gets tired eventually so you can pop her to sleep by inserting the dummy into her mouth and leave it there. At first you will hear sucking sounds and then she falls asleep – you can wake her up by removing the pacifier.

As you can tell Lydia has really been enjoying playing with these little dolls, and I think she is going to get them out to play with fairly often. They are really good quality and I think they’ll definitely hold up over time, they seem very sturdy and well made. I really like their size too; they are a great option for throwing in a bag to play with while you have to wait around somewhere or similar – and they’re not too noisy, either.

I think they are good value for the price too, with how interactive they are. When asked how many stars out of five she gives them, Lydia replied with ‘one million!’, so it’s definitely a 5 star review from us.

We’ve also been sent some more single packs and some party supplies to have a special ‘baby shower’ twitter party celebrating these cute babies! Lydia is having some of her friends from Reception over to play some games, enjoy the toys, and of course.. eat cake!

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Party Date 5th July 2018 4-6pm

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Check out the takeover from the 2nd July for more info on the party and chance to win too! 

Bizzy Bubs are out now in all good toy stores or