Character Breakfasts with Freddo and friends at Cadbury World

We were invited to breakfast and given admission to Cadbury World free of charge for the purpose of this post

We were up and about earlier than our usual time for a Sunday morning at the weekend as we had a very excited breakfast booked – at Cadbury World! They are hosting Character Breakfasts throughout July, giving you the chance to eat breakfast in the company of Freddo, Caramel Bunny, Bertie Bassett and Mr Cadbury’s Parrot.

Joined by Sophie, one of the girls’ best friends, and her family, we headed into Cadbury World when the doors opened promptly at 9:30, where we were directed to our table in the Cadbury Café conservatory by a member of staff – and greeted by Mr Cadbury’s Parrot! We were all given a wristband which served as our ticket for the rest of the day, allowing us fast track access to the Cadabra ride and the 4D Cinema (we did still have to show our printed ticket at the cinema to be stamped on entry).

When we booked our breakfast, we all had to pre-select our food choices. The options are:
* Breakfast muffin (choose two fillings from egg, bacon and sausage)
* American pancakes with Cadbury chocolate sauce, bananas and cream
* American waffle with Cadbury chocolate sauce, bananas and cream
* Full English breakfast / vegetarian English breakfast

Between us we tried every breakfast choice but the breakfast muffin, and between us every plate was scraped clean! I had the pancakes which were lovely, while both our girls opted for the waffle – Georgie declared it excellent and it got a thumbs up from Lydia. Sophie and Karen also enjoyed their pancakes and waffle.

I’m not saying we stayed within stereotypes or anything but while all the females at the table enjoyed their chocolate sauce covered breakfasts, the men wolfed down their full English – James went for the meat lovers option while Tom dug into the veggie version.

Included in our meal was a drink of our choice from: tea, coffee, hot chocolate, apple juice or orange juice. I went for the hot chocolate despite it still being quite early, because when at Cadbury World why not?! It was scrumptious.

Each place was set with an activity sheet so the girls (and Sophie’s dad!) could colour and do puzzles while they waited for their breakfast to arrive.

Once everyone was sat down Mr Cadbury’s Parrot came around to each table, and the other characters started arriving! There were only one or two out at a time so the kids weren’t overwhelmed – although Georgie stayed a safe distance from all of them at all times and asked to have her photo taken with one of the breakfast hosts instead.

First up came Bertie Bassett, followed by the Caramel Bunny and finishing with Freddo. Each character made a “grand entrance”, interacted with the other character in the room, and visited each table and happily posed for different photos and so on upon request. There were a couple of renditions of happy birthday and lots of general silliness from the characters as they made their way around the room.

It was a perfect balance between being left alone enough to enjoy our breakfast, with amusing interruptions by the staff, who were very fun, and the characters. Caramel Bunny was Lydia’s favourite and Freddo impressed us all by flossing!

Once we had waved goodbye to the characters, finished our food, and been given a few chocolate bars each (definitely one of my favourite perks of visiting Cadbury World!), it was time for a quick visit to the toilets and to head into the main attraction. The staff member who had greeted us in the morning met us at the entrance and we were fast-tracked past the queue, bonus!

We have written about visiting Cadbury World a few times now, and we all enjoyed it just as much as ever. Since our last visit the area where you get to write your name with chocolate has been improved, with lots more space for people to have a go, and the addition of a tempering counter means you can have a go at that, too.

I was also impressed that they have added sign language screens throughout the audio/visual exhibits in addition to the infrared system for hearing aid users. They also have a changing places facility available which I know is important to a lot of families – it’s great to see them making Cadbury World as accessible as possible to visitors.

In addition to the Character Breakfasts, the Cadbury Characters are putting on shows during July, too! There are two different shows; Partytime with Freddo and Storytime with Caramel Bunny.

We left the factory tour just in time to help celebrate Freddo’s birthday, and all of us really enjoyed the show. The jokes were perfectly terrible – they made the kids and the adults laugh, and the squirt of a water pistol was actually quite welcome! The marquee had an air conditioning unit running so it wasn’t too hot, which was much appreciated in this weather.

I have to give a huge nod of appreciation to the performers too, who were so kind to the two adults with additional needs who put their hands up and joined them on stage when they asked for a kid to volunteer to help them out. They performers were really great with them; not condescending at all and they didn’t treat them any differently to any other child – they even produced an extra prize when it was obvious they wanted to go up together.

After the show we had just enough time left to enjoy the Chocolate Adventure at the 4D cinema which went down well with everyone, and then we were headed home for a late lunch – with a quick stop into the huge gift shop on the way to the car, of course! We stocked up on Jelly Babies and Dairy Milk Little Bars from the bulk buy deals area – I love the small bars as they are just enough to satisfy a chocolate craving without me eating a giant bar all at once!

Prices start from £6.99 for the Character Breakfasts, plus your standard admission fare, and breakfasts need to to be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

The Character Breakfasts are available on the following dates:

7th – 8th, 14th – 15th, and 21st – 31st July.

We definitely recommend them, and always enjoy a visit to the chocolate factory – even on one of the hottest days of the year!