Review: Twisty Petz

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my PR Info page, this review represents our honest opinion of the product. This post may contain affiliate links.

Product: Twisty Petz

Price: £12.99 for 3 pack set, £4.99 for single pack set, and £9.99 for 4 pack babies set.

Age Range: 4 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Wear on your wrist, transform with a twist! Twisty Petz are dazzling bracelets that turn into adorable Petz! from ponies to kitties to magical unicorns, there so many different bejewelled friends to collect! add pastel, rainbow, pearlescent, fuzzy or silver Twisty Petz to your set to create bracelets and sparkling necklaces! to turn into a pet, simply twist the front and back legs. To transform into a bracelet, pull apart and connect the two ends. For a necklace, simply connect three together!

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: We got our first Twisty Petz bracelets back in May in our BlogOn goodie bags, and the girls were instant fans – I have to admit, I was too. These sweet and colourful collectible animals transform into jewellery with just a few twists.

We were sent a selection of Twisty Petz products to review, including three single packs, a triple pack, and a four pack of the ridiculously adorable babies.

The unique thing about Twisty Petz is that they can either be twisted into an animal form, or untwisted and clipped together to make a bracelet. You can join several Twisty Petz together to make a necklace, too. The babies take two joined together to create a kids sized bracelet, and come with a charm to clip on too. The babies also come with a little gem shaped case to keep them in.

It’s really easy to change your Twisty Petz collectible between the two forms, too. Once the girls had been shown once or twice they had absolutely no problems doing it themselves. The beads making up the legs and the ends of the tails are fused together which gives just enough rigidity for them to keep their shape. Basically, you twist their legs together and slot the round beads into the body section to keep them in place. To turn them into a bracelet, you just untwist it and slot the end of the tail into the top of the head.

There are all sorts of types of animals to collect; pandas, unicorns, elephants, kitties and turtles, to name just a few. Twisty Petz are really cute and fun to play with as well as wear – and they even stand up in their animal form with no problems.

There are over 70 of the full size Twisty Petz to collect, and the clear fronted packages mean you can always choose what you want. If your children like the surprise element of blind bags too, then check ouy the three pack which has two you can see and a third hidden out of sight.

Each Twisty Petz animal belongs to a collection, and some of them are limited or special edition – something that Georgie and Lydia both find very exciting! We got a ‘super rare’ special edition from the Neon collection; Jazzy Giraffe.

Some of the Twisty Petz are fuzzy, some have shiny silver or gold parts, and pretty much all of them glitter and sparkle in some way so they look great as jewellery as well as in their animal form. You can connect them to bags, too.

Georgie and Lydia both really like Twisty Petz – and we recommend them so much we’ve actually bought a set for a birthday present already. 5 stars for the fun and super cute collectibles.