Joy in a Box – My Sunday Photo

There is nothing quite as special as a big empty box, when you’re a little child with a big imagination. We are hosting a jigsaw puzzle twitter party on Tuesday, and a huge pile of jigsaws was delivered to us in this box. They weren’t able to go safely back into the box until we need them because the box was immediately claimed by these two!… Continue Reading “Joy in a Box – My Sunday Photo”

Cornish Florals – Macro Photography Project

We spent a week in Cornwall in July, and my parents garden is full of beautiful flowers at the moment – from the day we arrived I was itching to get out there with my camera to snap some pics. We also visited the Eden Project while we were down and I spent a few minutes snapping some macro shots – the first three of… Continue Reading “Cornish Florals – Macro Photography Project”

Tigger – My Sunday Photo

Tigger is one of our two cats – isn’t he handsome? After not seeing Roo and Tigger for ages as someone else has been letting them in and feeding them (they both reek of smoke when they come by our house), we have resorted to switching them onto Whiskas pouches – crack for cats. The first time I waved one in Tigger’s direction he was over… Continue Reading “Tigger – My Sunday Photo”

Flower – the Black & White Photography Project

I snapped this one quickly with my iPhone 5S as I walked up our front path with the kids. The council maintained flower beds next to the path are a riot of colour at the moment and a whole huge bush is flowering with these beautiful flowers. I am itching to get out there with my “big camera” and my macro kit and get some close… Continue Reading “Flower – the Black & White Photography Project”

Full Moon – My Sunday Photo

There was a full moon on Thursday, so I had a go at capturing it (kneeling on a windowsill in just my pants & vest top, with zoom lens poking out the window – sorry, neighbours!). I took this around midnight, when the moon finally decided to show itself above the houses in the street behind ours. For the first time in ages, I shot… Continue Reading “Full Moon – My Sunday Photo”

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park (Nature Centre)

This week we visited the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park, formerly known as the Nature Centre, for Georgie’s Pre-School trip. Lydia got to come too – she’ll be starting at the pre-school in September for three mornings a week so it was lovely to see her playing with some of the kids she’ll be going with next term. We spent an hour or so walking around… Continue Reading “Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park (Nature Centre)”

Iggle Piggle Love – My Sunday Photo

We were at Alton Towers to visit CBeebies Land earlier this week, and this photo of Lydia with Iggle Piggle just melts my heart. She was so excited to see him there and waited impatiently for her turn to give him a big cuddle and kiss, running straight into his outstretched arms. The girls also got the chance to meet Upsy Daisy, and Georgie cuddled… Continue Reading “Iggle Piggle Love – My Sunday Photo”

On the Beach – the Black & White Photography Project

Here are some photos I took recently when we stopped in Swansea for lunch and a bit of fresh air… I’ll be posting more about our stop in a few days, but for now I wanted to share these black & white shots for PODcast’s photography project. I haven’t joined in with this one for a while, and I have missed the challenge it presents. Editing… Continue Reading “On the Beach – the Black & White Photography Project”

Spring in the Garden – Macro Photography Project

I’ve been out in the garden again this week with my new extension tubes mounted on my DSLM camera, snapping the new flowers that have bloomed in the spring sunshine. I took all of these photos with a Samsung NX3000 with both the 10mm & 16mm extension tubes attached, and my 50-200mm lens. (click any photo in this post to view bigger) The garden is getting… Continue Reading “Spring in the Garden – Macro Photography Project”