Cornish Florals – Macro Photography Project

We spent a week in Cornwall in July, and my parents garden is full of beautiful flowers at the moment – from the day we arrived I was itching to get out there with my camera to snap some pics. We also visited the Eden Project while we were down and I spent a few minutes snapping some macro shots – the first three of… Continue Reading “Cornish Florals – Macro Photography Project”

Spring in the Garden – Macro Photography Project

I’ve been out in the garden again this week with my new extension tubes mounted on my DSLM camera, snapping the new flowers that have bloomed in the spring sunshine. I took all of these photos with a Samsung NX3000 with both the 10mm & 16mm extension tubes attached, and my 50-200mm lens. (click any photo in this post to view bigger) The garden is getting… Continue Reading “Spring in the Garden – Macro Photography Project”