Puppy Spam!

Last weekend we visited my Mother in Law for an afternoon, and we all spent ages playing with the new puppies. Of course, I took along my camera and snapped away – there isn’t much cuter than two small children playing with four small Norwich Terrier puppies! I took an awful lot of photos, and here are my favourites…

WARNING: Puppy Overload

Last weekend we visited my Mother-in-Law to have lunch, talk about buying houses (exciting!), return her previously poorly laptop, and play with her new Norwich Terrier puppies. The puppies were exactly one month old and are at an incredibly cute stage, becoming playful and wobbling along the floor with their back paws slipping and sliding about. Georgie adored them and had to be continuously cautioned… Continue Reading “WARNING: Puppy Overload”

New puppies & people!

Yesterday we had a lovely afternoon at my Mother-in-Law’s house…  new puppies to see and cuddle, and some relatives popping by that hadn’t met Lydia before. Our family is spread out all over the place so it takes quite a while for all our relatives to meet our babies. Georgie really loved the puppies – we’ve been talking to her about them since they arrived… Continue Reading “New puppies & people!”

Carvery & Puppy Sitting!

On Sunday we met up with Gayle and headed to a carvery for a scrumptious lunch followed by a trip to my mother-in-law’s to let the dogs out, and more importantly play with the PUPPIES. There is nothing cuter than a litter of Norwich Terrier pups, apart from maybe a baby and a litter of Norwich Terrier pups in the same room! Georgie’s reaction to… Continue Reading “Carvery & Puppy Sitting!”