Losing two grandparents in 32 days

At the start of August, I had four grandparents. I know, it’s not that common for a 30-something to have a full set, but I did. Up until the spring of 2016, the girls had seven great-grandparents. The older generation in our family have done quite well, really. Now, I only have two grandparents. On the 22nd of August, my Grandad, who had been very… Continue Reading “Losing two grandparents in 32 days”

Our Bluestone Break – the Video

I’ve already blogged about our trip to Bluestone in Wales absolutely loads, I know – I promise this is the last post! We really loved our holiday there, and especially enjoyed the chance to have a few days in such a fun and beautiful setting with my parents there – we don’t get to see them that often, so it was lovely for us all to get together on holiday.

We did so much during our stay that the video is a huge 25 minutes long, but I have to admit I love this video, so much. It will remind me of the fantastic memories we made at Bluestone, for years to come.… Continue Reading “Our Bluestone Break – the Video”

Quality Cousin Time

Georgie and Lydia really enjoyed our holiday and loved getting to spend a weekend with their older (and therefore cooler) cousin, Izzy. As well as attending her 4th birthday party, they played loads, inside… Outside… And at the soft play centre… As you can see from the photos these three get on like a house on fire. Izzy still refers to our little one as… Continue Reading “Quality Cousin Time”

New puppies & people!

Yesterday we had a lovely afternoon at my Mother-in-Law’s house…  new puppies to see and cuddle, and some relatives popping by that hadn’t met Lydia before. Our family is spread out all over the place so it takes quite a while for all our relatives to meet our babies. Georgie really loved the puppies – we’ve been talking to her about them since they arrived… Continue Reading “New puppies & people!”

The Ordinary Moments #1 ~ Slippers

This weekend, we visited James’s grandparents in their new assisted living apartment. Although they are sad to have left their old home behind, it was really nice to be able to take the girls over to where they are now living, just 30 minutes away. I love that Georgie and Lydia have so many living great grandparents, and really enjoy seeing the eldest members of… Continue Reading “The Ordinary Moments #1 ~ Slippers”

A silver lining to every cloud

James’s grandparents have just made the huge move from the house they’ve lived in for decades, to a managed retirement apartment complex, so they can have the level of care they need. Although it’s incredibly sad they are leaving their family home, where they raised all their children, the silver lining to this cloud is that they have moved to the West Midlands, so we… Continue Reading “A silver lining to every cloud”

Photopost: Magic Moments with family

We’ve been incredibly busy the last few months, tearing off up and down and across the country to various events and to visit family. Whilst now completely exhausted (are we INSANE moving house next month, or what?!), it has been incredibly moving to watch Georgie and Lydia get to see so many of their family, especially whilst Lydia is still so new! Georgie (and Lydia!)… Continue Reading “Photopost: Magic Moments with family”

Birthday eve!

Georgie is tucked up snoring away in bed, and when she wakes up in the morning it will be her 2nd birthday! This has come around so quickly and my baby girl is growing up before our eyes. This evening James’s Mum popped round and we had chinese takeaway for dinner as an early birthday treat for Georgie (she adores chinese food!). Tomorrow we will… Continue Reading “Birthday eve!”

Water babies!

Georgie will be two next week, so it is with a slight sense of shame that I admit that before our trip to Suffolk last week we had never taken her swimming. We do have our reasons – a combination of her being terrified of water until recently (bath time is still 50% fun times and 50% scream fest depending on her mood!), James wanting… Continue Reading “Water babies!”

Easter adventures at Buckland Abbey

On Saturday morning we all piled into a couple of cars and headed over to Buckland Abbey, a National Trust property about an hour away from my parent’s house, to take part in the Cadbury Easter Egg Trail they were putting on all weekend. Buckland Abbey is a beautiful 700-year old house in Devon, and is famous for once belonging to Sir Francis Drake, the… Continue Reading “Easter adventures at Buckland Abbey”