Lydia watching Umizoomi

My stupid head

I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing for months about whether to write about this post or not. It’s not something I talk about a lot and although I’ve referred to my health issues before I’ve never addressed them fully on this blog, and talked specifically about it & the challenges it brings. I have a bit of a broken brain. Since I was a teenager I… Continue Reading “My stupid head”

Bear with me!

I know things have been a bit erratic here on my blog lately, and if you are reading this as someone who has emailed me, and I haven’t replied, then I’m sorry.  I am playing catch-up. I am starting to get back on top of things. I am having more good days since my really bad period a month ago, but I’m still struggling. But… Continue Reading “Bear with me!”

I’m sorry… feeling overwhelmed & inadequate

Our half term holiday was a bit of a mix on good and bad. Looking back at the past week & a half, I feel like I didn’t really get anything done at all. I am behind with work, behind with the blog, behind with the housework, and I didn’t even manage to get Georgie’s school uniform & PE kit washed until the very last… Continue Reading “I’m sorry… feeling overwhelmed & inadequate”

Using real children in advertising – is it emotional blackmail?

So, the NHS have launched a new ad campaign aimed at getting parents to stop smoking, and it’s making me a little bit sad. They are using real children to make public appeals on TV, asking their parents to stop smoking. I have to admit, I see a parent smoking around their child, and I judge them for it… I know it’s hard to quit… Continue Reading “Using real children in advertising – is it emotional blackmail?”