Lydia is 6!

Last week our baby girl turned six years old… I heard a quote recently about parenting; “The days are long but the years are short” and this feels so true right now as I look at my daughters and how big they seem.  With Georgie turning eight in a handful of weeks, it’s hard to comprehend entirely that I have been a parent for almost… Continue Reading “Lydia is 6!”

Patching a 4 year old with a divergent squint & lazy eye

We first noticed that Lydia’s left eye had a tendency to wander outwards when she was just a toddler, and her monitoring & treatment starting when I stubbornly sat in my GPs office insisting on a referral to get her seen by a specialist. Since then, we have visited the Eye Department at the excellent Birmingham Children’s Hospital 3 or 4 times a year for… Continue Reading “Patching a 4 year old with a divergent squint & lazy eye”

Princess Party Invitation

Preparing for a Disney Princess Party

Lydia is going to be four on the 27th Feb… in just one week. It seems a bit unreal that our youngest girl is almost four! She is really looking forward to her birthday party, which we are doing for the weekend after her birthday. It’s just going to be a small group of little girls invading our house and having lots of princess fun.… Continue Reading “Preparing for a Disney Princess Party”

Cakes & partywear

Lydia’s 3rd birthday party

On Saturday, a week after she turned three, Lydia had a few friends over to our house for a little birthday party. More like an overgrown play-date with pass the parcel & party snacks, really! At such a young age I really don’t think you need to spend buckets of money on elaborate parties for kids, especially when they only have a few close friends.  It’s… Continue Reading “Lydia’s 3rd birthday party”

Opening presents

Lydia’s 3rd birthday

Lydia turned three on Saturday. Doesn’t time fly?! It certainly doesn’t seem that long since I was announcing her arrival, looking all tiny & cute (although not too tiny – she came out looking three weeks old already!). She had a very busy, very fun, birthday. We got up early and spent the day at Thomas Land at Drayton Manor – you can read about… Continue Reading “Lydia’s 3rd birthday”

A Very Big Thank You Post!

A few weeks ago, I emailed some of the companies I have worked with over the last three years. Brands and PRs that I have reviewed for, and companies I have been proud to be an ambassador for. I was emailing to ask for support in the form of prize donations, for my youngest daughter’s pre-school. I have been absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the generosity… Continue Reading “A Very Big Thank You Post!”

The first half term is nearly over!

I can’t believe that the first half term of Georgie’s school life (not to mention Lydia’s first half term of pre-school) is almost over! She has just 4 days left and then it is the half term holiday, and the girls and I will be chilling out for a week, probably doing some baking, and having some friends over to play. Georgie is weirdly really excited… Continue Reading “The first half term is nearly over!”

Potty training – the second time around

To say we have a relaxed attitude to potty training Lydia is an understatement. With Georgie, we fretted slightly that she wasn’t trained early enough, we tried pull ups, choose your own potty outings, potty picture-reveal-when-you-wee stickers, reward stickers, books about toilet training, the occasional chocolate button bribes, character panties, dry like me pads, and running around half naked all day days*. With Lydia, we are… Continue Reading “Potty training – the second time around”

Lydia is two!

My baby girl turns two today. After a somewhat troublesome entrance into the world, she has spent the last two years delighting us, frustrating us, amusing us, and helping to fill our lives with joy. There is something about Lydia that makes people smile or laugh when they see her, and although we have naughty and bratty times, she is generally a very happy and… Continue Reading “Lydia is two!”

Georgie & Roo – My Sunday Photo

It’s been a bit of a slow week in our house; Georgie, Lydia & I all had a stomach bug at the start of the week, and Georgie’s lingering cough is keeping everyone awake more than normal at nighttime. I’ve been working a bit, but mostly having to spend my days and evenings entertaining or looking after the girls, who have definitely needed more cuddles, more… Continue Reading “Georgie & Roo – My Sunday Photo”

Lydia Running – My Sunday Photo

I love this photo of Lydia running ahead of me in the park; I can just feel her movement, and her joy in being able to run ahead of me. We walk across this park several times a day going to & from Georgie’s pre-school, and my littlest girl has started asking to get down from the pushchair so she can walk across the park… Continue Reading “Lydia Running – My Sunday Photo”