Lydia & her “wonky eye”

For several months now we have noticed that Lydia’s left eye drifts outwards and I took her to the GP a few months ago to ask for a referral to get it checked.

Although the GP was pretty dismissive about the whole thing, telling me she was too young for them to be bothered with it yet, I persisted at the appointment and was given a referral to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Eye Department to have her vision checked. Yesterday morning we had our first appointment at the hospital and it was confirmed that she has a divergent squint in her left eye.

The ophthalmologist did some basic eyesight tests and measured how much her eye was drifting. She said that Lydia’s vision in each eye seems equal but that when she looks into the distance her eye begins to drift. She was impressed that we have caught it so early and said that we absolutely did the right thing to push for an appointment as it will very likely need some sort of treatment (eye drops, an eye patch, or glasses), and possibly a small surgery.

We will be going back in about a month for another appointment, so her eyes can be tested further and we can see what needs to be done to try to correct it. As the GP told me they wouldn’t bother with doing anything I am pretty pleased I insisted!

For now, I am just glad that she isn’t bothered by it, and can see well enough.

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    1. Yes, I am very happy that I pushed for it as now we aren’t so worried about it – I know that she is on their system and it will be treated in time to save any damage to her eyesight. The longer you leave them, the harder they are to treat successfully, I believe.

  1. I had a squint when I was a child and needed corrective surgery. After that I wore a patch on my good eye and glasses and after a few month or a year – I can’t remember as I was so young – I stopped wearing the patch. I use my good eye more than my iffy one but, I think, it’s hard to tell that I have any issue with one of my eyes now – they did a good job! Anyway, I only said all that to hopefully put your mind at rest, if there is any worry, that she’ll be fine 🙂 x

    1. Thanks for telling me that Donna – I would never have guessed! We aren’t too worried about it as I know that she is going to get the treatment that she needs early enough now, and I’m just glad I pushed at the GPs so that she got the referral she needed. My uncle had one too, as a child.

  2. There’s 3 kids in Annie’s year who wear patches to school, they are always decorated and look way cooler than the ones available when I was younger. Annie and her friends keep asking if they can wear a patch too because they’re ‘so pretty’!

    1. Lydia loves playing pirates but I don’t think she’ll be very good at wearing anything for any length of time at this age, never mind how pretty it is! Fingers crossed any treatment won’t be too much of a challenge for us and her!

  3. I used to work in a nursery and it’s incredibly common, so hopefully she won’t be the only one with a fancy sticker on her glasses! I’s nice you are so laid back about it, it’s the kind of thing upsets some people and ruins their enjoyment of life x

    1. Thanks for your comment Jenny… Although it naturally concerns us, the fact it is being dealt with means I’m not really too worried at all. Lydia is going to get the treatment she needs and her eyesight won’t be at risk as we’ve caught it so early, and they will be able to correct it. Hopefully she will behave when it comes to having patches or whatever she needs – I think that’s what I am most worried about!

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