Patching a 4 year old with a divergent squint & lazy eye

We first noticed that Lydia’s left eye had a tendency to wander outwards when she was just a toddler, and her monitoring & treatment starting when I stubbornly sat in my GPs office insisting on a referral to get her seen by a specialist. Since then, we have visited the Eye Department at the excellent Birmingham Children’s Hospital 3 or 4 times a year for… Continue Reading “Patching a 4 year old with a divergent squint & lazy eye”

It’s been a long week – Little Loves

I’m finishing the week in a bit of a mixed mood. I’ve caught a cold from Georgie and although her worst symptom seems to be a runny nose, I am losing my voice and feel like I’ve swallowed a couple of rusty razor blades. However, I’ve got some work done this week, the state of the house has been steadily improving, the kids are settled and happy… Continue Reading “It’s been a long week – Little Loves”