The first half term is nearly over!

I can’t believe that the first half term of Georgie’s school life (not to mention Lydia’s first half term of pre-school) is almost over! She has just 4 days left and then it is the half term holiday, and the girls and I will be chilling out for a week, probably doing some baking, and having some friends over to play. Georgie is weirdly really excited… Continue Reading “The first half term is nearly over!”

Review: School Uniform by George at Asda

We were given an budget to go shopping in the school range on George’s website, and were amazed at how much we got for the money. Georgie is well prepared for school in September with this lot! The order came in two parts with the clothes nicely packaged in tissue paper where needed, all in a large bag.

The book bag and drinking bottles came in a separate box, again with protective packaging where needed.… Continue Reading “Review: School Uniform by George at Asda”

Georgie’s last day of pre-school

The summer holiday has officially started! Last Thursday, Georgie, Lydia, and I, all went to Georgie’s pre-school for her end of term Summer party and folder presentation. The kids got to watch a funny children’s entertainer, ate party food, and generally ran around having a great time. The folder presentation was nice – if a little chaotic! They do this every term, calling the children up… Continue Reading “Georgie’s last day of pre-school”

Georgie hiding under a table

Preparing for primary school

It still seems a bit crazy that Georgie will be starting primary school in September. We need to buy uniform, bags, name labels/stamps, and I mustn’t forget her PE kit and some new black shoes. I wish the school had given us a list of everything we need to send her in with on the first day – I think I will need to get… Continue Reading “Preparing for primary school”

Georgie’s Fairy Birthday Party

On Saturday afternoon our house was taken over by a small army of fairies. With Grandma & Grandad up from Cornwall for the weekend, her favourite friends to play with, lots of yummy cake, not to mention the much longed for game of pass the parcel, I’m a little surprised Georgie didn’t actually explode from the joy and excitement of it all.  With a bunch of… Continue Reading “Georgie’s Fairy Birthday Party”

Fairy Birthday Party – Preparation

Today is the day! Georgie’s first ever birthday party. In previous years we have celebrated by hanging out with family and friends, but now she is in pre-school we are doing the whole “invite a bunch of local kids over to wreck our house” caboodle. Georgie, our little tomboy who usually has to be convinced to wear anything but jeans, surprised us hugely by requesting… Continue Reading “Fairy Birthday Party – Preparation”

The arrival of the imaginary friend

Something happened this evening that touched my heart and brought a smile to my face; Georgie welcomed her first imaginary friend to our house.  Her name is Abby, she is four years old, and right now they are having a sleepover in Georgie’s bed.  Earlier this evening she was wearing a pretty dress, but Georgie very sweetly helped her to get undressed and put pyjamas… Continue Reading “The arrival of the imaginary friend”

The day that Georgie fixed the internet

Yesterday was a bit of a disastrous day in our house when it came to technology. Firstly, our washing machine (which has been making odd noises for a few months now) decided it was the day to give up on life. Well… it does still wash clothes, but it turns off the house electricity while it does it. Several times. I’m just glad that we… Continue Reading “The day that Georgie fixed the internet”

Georgie & Roo – My Sunday Photo

It’s been a bit of a slow week in our house; Georgie, Lydia & I all had a stomach bug at the start of the week, and Georgie’s lingering cough is keeping everyone awake more than normal at nighttime. I’ve been working a bit, but mostly having to spend my days and evenings entertaining or looking after the girls, who have definitely needed more cuddles, more… Continue Reading “Georgie & Roo – My Sunday Photo”

Officially a pre-schooler… and loving it!

Can someone tell me where the last 3-and-a-bit years have gone please? Georgie started pre-school this month and she suddenly seems so grown up, insisting on wearing her little rucksack for the short walk from the car to hang it up her peg, and running ahead to see her friends. We are settling into a comfortable routine and the kids both seem happy with the… Continue Reading “Officially a pre-schooler… and loving it!”