Lydia is 6!

Last week our baby girl turned six years old… I heard a quote recently about parenting; “The days are long but the years are short” and this feels so true right now as I look at my daughters and how big they seem. 

With Georgie turning eight in a handful of weeks, it’s hard to comprehend entirely that I have been a parent for almost eight years now. I’ve spent almost a quarter of my life so far as a parent, and I’m only in my early 30s. 

Many of my friends our age don’t have children yet, and when I got pregnant with Georgie at age 25 after over a year of marriage, we had more than one comment about how young we were, and whether it was an accident or not. We made the decision to have kids “early” at a time when the average age to be a mum is going up, and it’s not something we have regretted at all. The idea of having to deal with poopy nappies and sleepless nights now we’re in our 30s is not a pleasant one, especially with my own health issues!

With Lydia turning six, it’s now been around five years since the last time I breastfed a baby. Over five since I saw the last “first steps” and four years since I had an adorable toddler learning to find her voice. Around three years since the last time I “wore” one of my children, over two years since our last first day at nursery, and over a year since our last first day at school. 

So many milestones already reached… but plenty more to come. Lydia is yet to lose a tooth or ride her bike without stabilisers, and she hasn’t yet had a sleepover without her sister by her side. She has read her first chapter book but she hasn’t moved into a full sized single bed.

I recently merged my old photo backups into my current photo library, so I now have access to around 1.6TB of photos and videos from my childhood onwards. I need to weed out a lot that I don’t want or need like old product review photos, but a large proportion of that is photos and videos of our family. 

I’ve been a blogger for over half my life now, so I’ve been taking photos to document my life since I got my first digital camera in high school. My family were early adopters when it came to tech and I don’t delete much! Since I have now have easy access to the photos and videos from the early years of the girls’ lives I have been enjoying looking back on their baby and toddler selves. I decided to do a compilation video to celebrate Lydia from bump to six… here it is!

She had a lovely birthday, with new Minnie Mouse earrings in the morning to wear to school, some lovely presents (including plenty of Disney LEGO of course), and a birthday dinner out at Nando’s with Granny joining us. Plus, of course, an amazing 6 layer rainbow unicorn cake, as requested. It took hours to bake and decorate, and many many bowls were used in the process.

I am so proud of Lydia. We went to her parents evening this week and the teacher was singing her praises – she is a smart, kind, helpful little girl smashing the targets, and she had nothing negative to say at all. At home she can be untidy – like the rest of us – but generally she is a good girl and is very loving. 

Like every child she has her moments of grumpiness but she is so cute we have trouble keeping a straight face at times… the amount of times we’ve heard “I am NOT FUNNY” because we’ve failed at that particular challenge couldn’t be counted if we tried. 

At the end of the day she’s our little Lydie-bum, and we love her to bits.