Officially deficient: a health update

Disclosure: this post contains an affiliate link for Pharmacy2U meaning I may get a small payment if you try their free service – however I haven’t been asked to write this post or promote them.

Things have been a bit quieter than normal for my online channels lately, because I’ve been feeling quite poorly since before Christmas. I ended up going to the GP and asking for some blood tests because I was feeling very drained and had a few other issues that were worrying me. 

Dealing with chronic pain and taking a decent dose of amitriptyline twice a day, I already have less energy and focus than the ‘average’ person, but things have definitely been worse than I was used to. Since my blood tests came back to the GPs, I’ve had two different phone appointments letting me know they showed several deficiencies that needed attention; folate and vitamin D. 

I’m now on folic acid for 3 months, taking daily about 12x the dose you have when pregnant, as well as a 7 week ‘loading dose’ of massive amounts of vitamin D. I’m only a few weeks into these prescriptions so hopefully I should start to feel improvements soon. I basically have folate deficiency anaemia on top of the vitamin D deficiency which is not the best combination, as they both cause fatigue and between them a bunch of things like low immune system, depression, pain, and so on.

My bedside drawer now contains a small pharmacy, with my new prescriptions, my normal ones, and a variety of painkillers to deal with my knee pain, headaches, clusters, and migraines!

Side note: James and I have both been using the Phamarcy2U prescription service to get our NHS prescriptions delivered to us – absolutely free. My GP was able to send my prescription to them on the computer system after our phone appointments, and they turned up at our door a day or two later. So much easier than James having to drop into the pharmacy after work to pick things up, and perfect for a chronic pain sufferer like me – sometimes going out & about seems like a huge task.

I have a pre-paid card and James has an exemption one due to his epilepsy, and we just had to upload photos of them to get that part sorted, and now we just have to reply to a reminder text with the word ‘yes’ everytime they send one to remind us that our repeat prescription is due. We both had issues with Boots messing up our prescriptions so this feels so much easier!

Anyway, back on topic… At least I know it wasn’t all in my head! I was a bit worried the doctors would say something along the lines of “no, there’s nothing wrong with you, you just need 15 hours of sleep a day and then you’ll feel stupid for the rest of the day, but it’s just because you’re getting older. Oh and it’s obviously all because you’re overweight”. We don’t have the most sympathetic GP, and he can be pretty judgemental.

On top of that faff, I ended up being carted off to the hospital in an ambulance one afternoon last month, after my heart rate went bonkers one afternoon while I was sat at my desk working. I was in loads of pain and had trouble breathing, and the whole thing was pretty scary. I hadn’t been feeling stressed or panicky and there didn’t seem to be anything that triggered it, so I don’t think it was an anxiety attack.

James had to come home from work early and we had to call some lovely school mums to collect the girls, as we rang NHS Direct on 111 and they decided they needed to send paramedics around to check me. My ECG at the house showed some slight issues, so they decided I should go into a&e to be checked up… by the time I had a second ECG it had been two hours since my ‘episode’ and everything looked normal, so once I had a chest X-ray that was also given the all clear we were sent home – the doctor basically said he didn’t know what happened but I was ok by the time he saw me.

Waiting for my x-ray and not exactly pulling off the hospital gown look!

Once I was in bed that night I started being really sick and spent the next three days feeling really unwell, hardly managing to eat and then having to send my very lovely husband off to the Spar in the early hours of the night to get anti-acid stuff as my upset stomach was causing me grief with loads of acid coming up my throat which was horrible.

So yep, I think I can be forgiven for my slight AWOL-ness lately. It’s taken all my energy to deal with the kids, the days out we’ve done lately, and the little bit of work I’ve been managing. I have some reviews and other blog posts I need to get written up ASAP and stuff and now half term followed by Lydia’s birthday week are done I’m hoping to crack on with that! Anyway, I didn’t intend to throw myself a pity party with this post, so I’ll stop there… just wanted to explain what’s been going on lately. Bye for now 🙂

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  1. oh my goodness, you are having a tough time of it. I hope the folic acid and Vit D help, I’ve had to go down that route a couple of times in the past. I need more sunshine! What a scare with your heart rate, it’s annoying when they can’t give you a reason, maybe it was a pre-cursor to your sickness, or maybe it caused your sickness. I’ve had some heart issues lately but since I cut down on my medication (esp. the Amitriptyline) I’ve noticed an improvement. I hope things get better for you real soon xx

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