Review: Strictly Briks Stackable Base Plates

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review, however this review represents our honest opinion of the product. This post may contain affiliate links.

Product: Strictly Briks Stackable Base Plates

Price: £29.99 for set of 6 10” x 10” plates, £24.99 for set of 12 6” x 6” plates.

Age Range: 5 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Each baseplate can be stacked vertically by using the bonus briks as spacers. Stacked baseplates let your imagination run wild! Quickly and easily build a tower, office, parking garage, castle, or other structure that stands out from the rest!

Rating:  (4/5 stars)

Review: We are a family of ‘building block’ fans, so any product like this which will help extend the creativity & playability for the girls, and also give them a way to display their completed LEGO models, is an interesting one.

I actually first saw the Strictly Briks products online in the autumn when I was browsing for Christmas presents. I only decided against buying the girls a stackable baseplate set because we had already got them plenty of LEGO sets to build, and I wanted a bit of variety under the tree!

We were sent two sets of the stackable plates; one with a dozen smaller 6” square plates, and one with six 10” square plates. The 6” pack comes with 80 “stackers” which have a 2 x 2 stud footprint and are the height of five ‘standard’ bricks. 

The 10” pack is supposed to come with 50 stackers but unfortunately our box was missing 4 stackers, so we have to use additional bricks from our own stash to give the plates enough support.

For the 6” plates, you just need to support the plates with stackers at each corner, allowing you to build really tall towers and pretty much any configuration you can dream up.

The 10” plates, however, do require more support and so need a fifth support tower of stackers in the centre of the plate – and the underside of the plate has extra circles in the middle, to help hold the support towers in place. There are extra circles on the middle of the edges and on the corner, also. The rest of the large plate has less circles on the underside, so although you can attach the plates to bricks on the underside, they don’t always hold well and it would just rest on small bricks rather than ‘click’ into place.

In comparison, the 6” plates have more circles on the entirety of the underside, so they hold better to bricks & stackers. Both sizes of plates have some flexibility to them, and the stackers only having three sides makes them less sturdy than bricks of similar size, so you do have to be careful building your structures as they can fall apart fairly easily.

Minifigs and bricks of all shapes and sizes seem to clip onto the plates nice and securely, and it is fun making different structures to play with completed models on, and to build with. Large base plates have always seemed to be in short supply here, as the girls are always putting together scenes with buildings, vehicles & minifigs on their plates.

The girls have the 6” plates set up to display their models over in their LEGO storage & display area in the living room, which looks great.

Overall we have been fairly happy with these products. They do feel a bit cheaper made than real LEGO products, but they also fill a gap in the product range; you can’t buy ‘official’ plates this size that you can use on top of bricks. This makes them a good addition to our stash and really expands the way the girls can build larger scale models. 

It’s a shame one of the boxes was missing some stackers, something which would be probably pretty easy to resolve as a buyer, but still a bit of a pain nonetheless. You can get some pretty funky shaped plates too, and you get a good amount of plates & stackers for the price.

We give the Strickly Briks Stackable Base Plates range 4 stars.