Zac and Lily Thank You Teacher Cookie Mix

Review: Thank You Teacher Cookie Mix – Zac and Lily

Teachers gifts are one of the unwritten rules of being a parent – a little something to give your child’s teacher at the end of the school year, to thank them for being there for your child for the past year. Zac and Lily sent me a few of their Cookie Mix gifts – one to pass on to Georgie’s beloved teacher, and another to bake so we could try out the mix.… Continue Reading “Review: Thank You Teacher Cookie Mix – Zac and Lily”

Wren kitchens event

Little Kitchen fun with Wren Kitchens & Linda Barker

A few weeks ago we headed North to visit the Wren Kitchens HQ, fittingly called “The Nest” to have some fun in the kitchen with lots of food and Linda Barker. Wren Kitchens want to encourage kids into the kitchen to learn how to eat healthily and understand where their food comes from.… Continue Reading “Little Kitchen fun with Wren Kitchens & Linda Barker”

Mmm, cake

It’s National Cupcake Week! Of course, the girls and myself couldn’t let it pass us by without baking some cupcakes to enjoy. I used a recipe from the cupcake book they chose for me for my birthday for the cake, and totally cheated with icing-in-a-tub. Lydia helped me mix the sponge while Georgie was at school. The recipe uses cocoa powder and vanilla extract and… Continue Reading “Mmm, cake”

Creative mini cookery magic with Yummy Nummies

Georgie and I were sent some Yummy Nummies to try out – they are like kitchen crafting, a cross between cooking and creating, and a great bit of fun. Check out our video to see how we got on! Yummy Nummies are based on a craze that started in Japan (where else would you find something like this?!) and they really do taste just like… Continue Reading “Creative mini cookery magic with Yummy Nummies”

The perfect bacon butty for Father’s Day

Roberts Bakery got in touch and asked if we would like to try their thick soft & fluffy white bread, to make James a bacon butty for an early Father’s Day treat. I am actually away for most of Father’s Day as I will be coming back from London that day, so I was pleased to be able to give him some of the breakfast… Continue Reading “The perfect bacon butty for Father’s Day”

All the M’s Rocky Road

Georgie and I decided to make a double batch of Rocky Road, and I have amended this wonderful recipe from Jo’s Kitchen to create what we called “All the M’s Rocky Road” I decided to video our efforts so you can find that at the bottom of the post, along with the recipe… All the M’s refers to the mix including m&m’s, peanut m&m’s, and… Continue Reading “All the M’s Rocky Road”

Garden Cupcakes – perfecting my vanilla cupcake recipe

I love to bake with the girls and Georgie’s favourite thing to bake is, without a doubt, cupcakes. I have been trying out different recipes for our cupcakes and have ended up with this yummy & light recipe that is pretty much baking-with-kids-foolproof. I can always depend on James’s co-workers to demolish any excess baked treats, so I decided to do a double batch to… Continue Reading “Garden Cupcakes – perfecting my vanilla cupcake recipe”

Review: Personalised Wooden Cheese Board Set from Getting Personal

When Getting Personal contacted me to see if I would like to review any of their Father’s Day Gifts range, it wasn’t hard for me to narrow it down to one of their engraved cheeseboards. I am married to a cheese addict, and I don’t mean dodgy films and disco songs. My husband will quite often disappear into the kitchen 10 minutes before bedtime to make himself a slice of cheese on toast before heading to bed!… Continue Reading “Review: Personalised Wooden Cheese Board Set from Getting Personal”

Review: Old El Paso Mexican food

We were sent a range of Old El Paso products to try out, and have been enjoying having a taste of Mexico in our house. James and I honeymooned in Mexico so it was lovely to have an edible reminder of that most special holiday, too. Original Taco Kit – with the taco kit you get tacos, spice mix, and salsa. You need to buy some mince, lettuce, tomato & cheese to go with this kit. The mince is cooked up with the spice mix, the taco shells warmed in the oven, and the other ingredients cropped & grated to pile into your taco shells with your mince.… Continue Reading “Review: Old El Paso Mexican food”

An amazing chocolate Easter creation!

Georgie had some very exciting post last week; an Easter Egg decorating kit that was generously sent to her to have fun with. HRS UK sent the kit as part of their parent blogger Easter competition, so fingers crossed we might even win something nice! As soon as she saw what was inside the parcel she wanted to get stuck in and decorate her chocolate egg. The… Continue Reading “An amazing chocolate Easter creation!”

Review: Salter Heston Blumenthal Precision Professional Whisk & Multipurpose Spatulas

We were challenged to try out the Salter Heston Blumenthal Precision Professional Whisk & Multipurpose Spatulas whilst making pancakes, so at the weekend my Dad and I measured out the ingredients and gave it a whirl.

We used a recipe from a very old children’s cookbook that my dad swears by. Our batter had 12oz flour, 1 1/2 pints of milk, 3 eggs, and a pinch of salt. This produced enough batter for the kids to share a pancake & the four adults to have 3 or 4 each.… Continue Reading “Review: Salter Heston Blumenthal Precision Professional Whisk & Multipurpose Spatulas”

Jelly Babies in Bed

When I was little, I was in the Rainbows, and my Mum was a Rainbow leader. She would plan loads of fun activities for us to do, and I remember one in particular that was great fun and really easy to do. She called it “Jelly Babies in Bed”, and I decided to have a go with Georgie at the weekend, when she needed an… Continue Reading “Jelly Babies in Bed”

Baking up a storm

A few days ago my dad had a pretty awful headache, and so I tried my best to keep the kids out of his way to let him rest. In the morning we were busy playing with Georgie’s new Nancy doll, and then in the afternoon, once Lydia was safely down for her nap, I asked Georgie whether she would like to do some baking.… Continue Reading “Baking up a storm”