Zac and Lily Thank You Teacher Cookie Mix

Review: Thank You Teacher Cookie Mix – Zac and Lily

Teachers gifts are one of the unwritten rules of being a parent – a little something to give your child’s teacher at the end of the school year, to thank them for being there for your child for the past year. Zac and Lily sent me a few of their Cookie Mix gifts – one to pass on to Georgie’s beloved teacher, and another to bake so we could try out the mix.… Continue Reading “Review: Thank You Teacher Cookie Mix – Zac and Lily”

Biscuiteers Classic Car biscuits

Review: Biscuiteers Classic Car Show Biscuit Tin

The Classic Car Show biscuit tin is a “Family tin” containing 16 or more biscuits, decorated with a classic car theme. The tin we were sent to review contained 16 biscuits all brilliantly decorated with pictures of cars, key fobs, speedometers, and steering wheels.… Continue Reading “Review: Biscuiteers Classic Car Show Biscuit Tin”

Review: Burn Me On Personalised Chopping Board

James and I celebrated 7 years of marriage a week or so ago, and I recently got sent an Anniversary Chopping Board by Burn Me On to review which is absolutely lovely. The board is engraved with our names “Mr and Mrs Corkhill” along with our wedding date.… Continue Reading “Review: Burn Me On Personalised Chopping Board”

Review: Annabel Karmel Casdon Baking Range

We were sent three sets from the Annabel Karmel Casdon baking range; the Pizza Making Set (£4.50 at Tesco Direct), the My Perfect Pastry Set (£20 at Amazon), and the Mini Cupcake Set with Utensils (£11.49 at Amazon).

This fab Pastry Set is jam-packed – you get a lot for your money! 10 cookie cutters, a mixing bowl, a round baking tin, a whisk, a set of 6 measuring spoons, a rolling pin, a spatula, a mini tart pan, a measuring jug, and 10 recipes. The cookie cutters are a little small but everything else is fantastic.… Continue Reading “Review: Annabel Karmel Casdon Baking Range”

Review: Serenata Hampers – Simplicity

I was offered a hamper to review by the lovely folks at Serenata, and so of course I said “yes please” – who doesn’t love a box of treats arriving at your door? When you are running low on gift ideas for a special birthday or event, a hamper is an excellent way to spoil someone you love. We let Serenata know what sorts of things we liked and asked to be surprised, and they chose to send us the Simplicity hamper, which costs £39.99.… Continue Reading “Review: Serenata Hampers – Simplicity”

Review: Yoplait Petit Filous Pouches

Both Georgie and Lydia really enjoy yoghurts, and a little pot each is usually their normal pudding after dinner. Strawberries are Georgie’s favourite fruit, so she was excited to see the strawberry pouches! We bought one or two pouches of each type so that both girls could try each fruit flavour.

These pouches come in three flavours, raspberry, strawberry & apricot. All three were very much enjoyed by the girls, who declared them to be “yummy-delicious!”… Continue Reading “Review: Yoplait Petit Filous Pouches”

Review: Tommee Tippee 12m+ Active Sippee Cup

Lydia has been trialling this cup since the baby show, and she really loves it. The no spill cup lives up to it’s name and Lydia hasn’t been able to spill any, despite her best efforts.

This cup is insulated without being too heavy, and a lovely size and shape for Lydia’s little hands. She really likes this cup, and won’t share it with Georgie at all. The insulation is great for keeping milk cool on warm days, which is brilliant in this weather as our living room gets quite warm in the mornings. Lydia has definitely been drinking more milk since we got this cup, as I don’t have to worry so much about her cup of milk sitting around getting warm.… Continue Reading “Review: Tommee Tippee 12m+ Active Sippee Cup”

Review: Swizzels Spring Selection tub

Swizzels Sping Selection tub is a £5 resealable tub full of the Swizzels best sellers – I’m sure everyone in the UK with a sweet tooth will recognise it’s contents, and if you are anything like me then you will be reminded of some childhood memories involving sweetshops and pocket money!
The blue tub is bright and cheerful, containing fruity pops, parma violets, refresher bars, love hearts, fissures, drumsticks, and double lollies – all the best Swizzels sweets (although I must confess a weakness for the new Squashies).… Continue Reading “Review: Swizzels Spring Selection tub”

Review: Bigjigs Toys Young Chef’s Baking Set (#BJ605)

Georgie loves to bake with me so when we were sent this baking set to review she was over the moon. The Bigjigs Toys Young Chef’s Baking Set includes child size versions of almost everything you need to bake cakes or biscuits, including a tiny oven glove which is utterly adorable.… Continue Reading “Review: Bigjigs Toys Young Chef’s Baking Set (#BJ605)”

Review: Greens cake kits – Hello Kitty Cute Cupcakes, Mini Daisy Cakes & TMNT Turtle-tastic Cakes

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Greens to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product. Product: Greens cake kits – Hello Kitty Cute Cupcakes, Mini Daisy Cakes & TMNT Turtle-tastic Cakes Price: Around £1.50 to £2.00 Age Range: n/a Manufacturer’s Description: Our love of baking dates back to… Continue Reading “Review: Greens cake kits – Hello Kitty Cute Cupcakes, Mini Daisy Cakes & TMNT Turtle-tastic Cakes”