The importance of child free time

This week has been a long one, but productive. After too much illness over the festive period it feels good to be back at my desk getting some decent hours in while the kids are at school.

It’s definitely been a good week for child free time, which has done wonders for my stress level, after so many hours stuck inside with them over the last month or so!

On Tuesday I had an extremely long day, getting up hours before the sun to head down to London to see what the latest and greatest toys coming up this year are at the Toy Fair. I was only home for about an hour after a long day on trains and walking around the Kensington Olympia before we were headed out again.

The Sons of Pitches played a gig at the Hare & Hounds pub over in Kings Heath, and it was fantastic. Despite being exhausted I had a great time, and it was lovely to be out in the evening with James for an actual date night. The gig was more intimate than the two shows of theirs I’ve been to before, and they did some of their original songs from their album Don’t Fret. It’s well worth a listen!

Keeping with the a capella theme we are off to the cinema this afternoon to see Pitch Perfect 3. The girls are off to one of their best friends house for a play date, which they are extremely happy about.

Much as I love my two girls, life is definitely a bit more enjoyable when the whole world doesn’t shrink to the inside of this house. I think I got a bit too cooped up and stir crazy stuck at home whilst ill so much over the last month or so. I went through a whole pile of antibiotics, flu tablets and migraine meds too, I think I probably rattle if given a good shake!

Some grown up time out of the house or working in my lovely kid-free-zone office does wonders for helping me feel like a person in my own right and not just a Mum. I definitely have to remember to make time for myself this year, it makes a world of difference.