The Ordinary Moments ~ Playing together

As Lydia gets older and more interested in the toys and things around her, it’s so sweet to watch her & Georgie begin to play together. Obviously, with nearly 2 years between them, most of the toys they play with are different – Georgie favours puzzles, construction toys and role play, whereas Lydia is still firmly in the “pick it up and waggle it around,… Continue Reading “The Ordinary Moments ~ Playing together”

The Ordinary Moments #2 ~ Toys

We were playing on the living room rug together one day last week, with Lydia sat in her Cushi Tush. She managed to throw her teether on the floor, so I asked Georgie to pass her little sister her toy back, as she loves to help look after her baby sister and do little things like this. Five minutes later, every toy in sight that… Continue Reading “The Ordinary Moments #2 ~ Toys”

The Ordinary Moments #1 ~ Slippers

This weekend, we visited James’s grandparents in their new assisted living apartment. Although they are sad to have left their old home behind, it was really nice to be able to take the girls over to where they are now living, just 30 minutes away. I love that Georgie and Lydia have so many living great grandparents, and really enjoy seeing the eldest members of… Continue Reading “The Ordinary Moments #1 ~ Slippers”