Baby Clinic

Just got back from seeing the Health Visitor. She’s super happy with Georgie’s progress, and she weighed in at 8kg (or 17lb 10oz in old money) and measured 75cm. So that is the 25th centile for weight and just under the 91st for length – tall & skinny!

Georgie just took a big tumble…

Georgie just took a big tumble & it’s hard not to react badly and scoop her up for cuddles. My pretend ignorance to her lack of balance has been rewarded though as she whined for a second, then picked herself up, crawled over to her toy box and started playing with her toys. We are on mission Anti Cry Baby but sometimes it’s tough to… Continue Reading “Georgie just took a big tumble…”

Happy Accident

I find it incredibly cute that James picked out Georgie’s clothes this morning, and managed to pick her out an outfit that closely matched what he’s wearing. James is in jeans and a red t-shirt with white edging, and Georgie is in jeggings and a red and white polka dot long sleeved vest with a red tshirt on top, with white text embroidery. Aww.