Nature Photography at Bluestone, Wales

Not long before we went away to Bluestone, I upgraded my camera body to a Samsung NX3000, a small improvement on my previous NX1000 – I only really upgraded as my kit lens got damaged (thanks, Homily dog). As I wanted a replacement with OIS it ended up making the most sense to actually buy a new camera with the lens I wanted, and sell… Continue Reading “Nature Photography at Bluestone, Wales”

Getting in touch with nature

As parents, James and I are keen to try and instil a love of the outdoors and nature into our children. I would love for Georgiana and Lydia to grow up to have respect for nature, to care about wildlife, and with a good level of knowledge for the whole subject. Georgie’s current repertoire, at 2 years and 2 months old, goes something like this… “Bird!… Continue Reading “Getting in touch with nature”