Getting Crafty: Make your own custom lens cap keeper

Now that I have my lovely new camera, the last thing I want to do is lose the lens cap. Unfortunately women’s clothes are often (stupidly) designed to not have pockets, so I was facing the problem of where on earth do I put this thing when I want to use the camera? The obvious solution was to buy a lens cap keeper to attach… Continue Reading “Getting Crafty: Make your own custom lens cap keeper”

My earliest birthday present ever!

On Wednesday, I got my birthday present for 2013! With 6 months and 16 days to my birthday at the end of July, and 5 months 15 days since my 2012 birthday, it is definitely my earliest birthday present ever – I’ve never had a birthday present more than half a year before the day itself before. The reason for it being so early was… Continue Reading “My earliest birthday present ever!”

Snap Happy Britmums – Day 9, June – What are you reading?

Having just finished reading the Amelia Peabody series this week, followed by racing through a couple of chick lits, today I am starting from the beginning again with the Southern Vampire Mysteries series. I have just bought the latest book & wanted to re-read the series again first as it has been a while. This is the series that the popular tv show ‘True Blood’… Continue Reading “Snap Happy Britmums – Day 9, June – What are you reading?”