My earliest birthday present ever!

On Wednesday, I got my birthday present for 2013! With 6 months and 16 days to my birthday at the end of July, and 5 months 15 days since my 2012 birthday, it is definitely my earliest birthday present ever – I’ve never had a birthday present more than half a year before the day itself before.

Samsung NX1000 Smart Camera!
Samsung NX1000 Smart Camera!

The reason for it being so early was to take advantage of a great deal for something I’ve always wanted… For years now I have wanted a “proper camera” and have lusted after other people’s DSLR cameras whilst knowing perfectly well we couldn’t justify the hefty price tags, especially for something that I wouldn’t realistically be using all the time due to its size & weight.

When modern bridge cameras started to become more popular in 2012 we looked again but couldn’t afford to buy one at the normal prices. They seemed like the perfect compromise to me; more powerful than a point and shoot, yet smaller and easier for an amateur to use than a full DSLR system. We ditched our point and shoot camera shortly after getting our iPhone 4Ss, as it became obvious that we were using our phones more & more, and the photos were of equal (or sometimes better!) quality.

My Dad switched to a Samsung NX20 last year after years of using Canon DSLRs, so when James chatted to me a few days ago and asked what big treat I’d like for my birthday this year, mentioning the more affordable NX1000, I asked my Dad for his opinion on the camera. He got back to me to let me know that there was an amazing deal on to get a free Galaxy Tab 2 tablet and £50 cashback which basically adds up to an almost £200 discount off the thing once I sell the tablet… It was an opportunity too good to miss and the possibility of having the camera before the baby comes was too tempting to pass up as well.

Needless to say I am very excited about my new toy! I’ve made a cosy pouch for it to keep it safe inside my changing bag so I can carry it around with me – after all, the best camera is the one you have with you!


Here are a few of my favourite photos that I’ve taken since getting the camera…