Getting Crafty: Make your own custom lens cap keeper

Now that I have my lovely new camera, the last thing I want to do is lose the lens cap. Unfortunately women’s clothes are often (stupidly) designed to not have pockets, so I was facing the problem of where on earth do I put this thing when I want to use the camera?

The obvious solution was to buy a lens cap keeper to attach the cap to the camera – easy peasy! The downside to this is bog standard lens cap keepers are a bit ugly. I wanted a pretty one! So, I decided to customise one myself.

I bought this set of five lens cap keepers* from amazon for the extortionate (ok, maybe not) price of £1.55 + free postage. I could have just got the one for £1.06 from the same seller, but I figured I may as well get a few spares in for a whole 49p more.

What you'll need to make a custom lens cap keeper
What you’ll need to make a custom lens cap keeper

To make my custom lens cap keeper I used a blue & white daisy button from my craft stash, super glue, mini wire cutters, and the cheapo-but-does-the-job lens cap keeper from amazon.

First of all, I clipped the shank (loopy bit) off the back of the button with the clippers – you can obviously skip this step with flat buttons. Then I just took the glue and carefully applied it around the raised edge of the lens cap keeper before sticking the button on. Job done!

Custom Daisy Lens Cap Keeper!
Custom daisy lens cap keeper!

I’m quite pleased with how the finished item looks and it does a simple job well, so I’m happy.

On the Camera
On the camera

You could do this with whatever style buttons or cabochon you fancy, for easy but great results. A plain button would be good for a more masculine design. For me… I love these m&ms which would be lots of fun, or maybe one of these various types of flowers.

2 thoughts on “Getting Crafty: Make your own custom lens cap keeper

  1. What a brilliant idea! Even if you do have pockets, this is a much better way of looking after the cap.

    1. Thanks so much – I think so too 😉

      (even with outfits with pockets I think I’d still manage to misplace it constantly!)

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