July – Me & Mine: A Family Portrait Project

Me & Mine is a family portrait project hosted by 7 bloggers, encouraging blogging families to capture a photo of the entire family together at least once a month. I love photos of us all as a family and we really don’t have enough, so I want to try and participate in this project monthly so that I end up with a series of photos of my little family that I know I will treasure in the years to come. I am going to use these posts a a chance to write a little update about what we’ve been up to and how the girls are getting on too.

This month I took advantage of our day out in the woods to get some photos of the four of us together.

Me and Mine

I took these with my Samsung NX1000 camera using the gorillapod I “rescued” (stole) from the dusty depths of my Dad’s storage cupboard. We got a few strange looks for dangling the camera off random tree branches! I used the shutter on a timer but it was such a faff running back & forth that I think I will just use the remote shutter on the NX iPhone app next month instead.


July has been a bit of a difficult month for us. Apologies in advance for some whining! My birthday weekend was great and we’ve had some nice days, but I have been suffering a lot with bad headaches and more migraines than normal, which is mostly due to the heat I think. I have been ill with some sort of bug or heatstroke since Sunday so I wasn’t sure if I was going to get this posted, but I am glad I managed to sleep last night which has gone a long way to getting me back on my feet after an awful few days.

I love spending time outside in the garden with the kids though, so we have been enjoying the nice weather and playing out there a lot. Our neighbours have got accustomed to two naked little girls squealing happily as they splash in the water and bounce on the trampoline. The weather is brilliant for getting washing dry too so I have been working our way through the piles of laundry – handy since Georgie is generating extra washing right now with her potty training!

We have gone to our last playgroup sessions for the summer holidays and Georgie was quite upset to leave our Thursday afternoon one after their summer party. I’m taking this as a good sign, because she starts there in September for five mornings a week – they run nursery sessions each morning, and then a stay and play group Thursday afternoon which has been useful for us, getting to know the staff and location.

Our internet was playing up for around 3 or 4 weeks this month and the Virgin Media customer service experience was truly terrible. I found it really hard to work or blog when I could barely get the internet to maintain a stable connection so I am behind in both and the stress is a bit much for me, I have been feeling very bad about not being able to work much, when I have jobs to be getting on with. The house is looking tidier though as I was able to spend time sorting a few things out while cursing Virgin Media under my breath! After a couple of engineer visits and some new equipment inside & out I think the problem is now sorted, but time will tell. They did give us a month refund so that’s something at least.

Lydia is talking a lot more these days, although not everyone understands what she is saying! Cheese, share, thank you, and tada! are some of her favourite new words. She is super cheeky and such a monkey, some of her antics this month have been hilarious.

Georgie is potty training which has caused some stress this month; it is taking a while to get sorted and a tummy bug that knocked me and the girls out for a few days set her back a lot. Just one accident yesterday though so hopefully we’ve cracked it! Lydia is joining in a bit with some wees on the potty, so we have to have two potties upstairs and two downstairs, so they can sit on them together.

Georgiana is really imaginative and loves to play any sort of role play game, with frequent “trips to the park” with her teddies, having carpet picnics at the bottom of the stairs with play food from the kitchen. The dog bed is repurposed as a boat on a daily basis and she has started singing songs to her teddies too – lullabies and birthday songs, mostly.

Well that’s July in a rather long winded nutshell! I’m going to be posting what we are looking forward to this summer, and August is looking exciting so hopefully next month will be a better one! 


5 thoughts on “July – Me & Mine: A Family Portrait Project

  1. Glad your head is feeling a bit better – I suffer with the heat and spent a few days last week feeling pretty crap. Goodness knows how people in genuinely hot countries cope.
    I think it’s a great idea to take photo’s regularly, we never have any. In fact I’ve only got about 5 of my partner and I together in all! You chose a lovely setting too 🙂

  2. Your photos are beautiful! I hope that August is easier for you and that the migraines stay away – I had them throughout my second pregnancy and some days I couldn’t see to get out of bed! x

  3. Love these photos. Sounds like you’ve had a crazy month. We lost our internet for two weeks so you have my sympathies, not being able to do any work is a real nightmare isn’t it! Good luck with the potty training too! I think summer is the perfect time to do it 🙂 #meandmine

  4. Such lovely photos, it looks like a great spot for a day out. I use a gorilla pod sometimes for my me and mine photos too, we’ve just kind of got used to the funny looks from people now! 😉
    Thanks for linking up. x

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