My Sunday Photo – Slipper flipping!

I posted recently about Georgie’s burgeoning interest in taking photos, and so it’s no real surprise that she is already taking over a My Sunday Photo post! This photo was taken by Georgie yesterday morning, as she watched and laughed at Grandad being silly – Dad was flipping his slipper up and catching it, before putting it back on and repeating the trick. I think… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Slipper flipping!”

Photography by Georgie

Recently, Georgie has become more & more interested in taking pictures. As something I enjoy myself, it’s lovely to see her take an interest at such a young age. I’ve even let her have a few goes with my beloved Samsung NX1000 bridge camera! Here are a few of the snaps she has taken… Not entirely bad, are they?! Georgie was pointing the camera carefully… Continue Reading “Photography by Georgie”