Photography by Georgie

Recently, Georgie has become more & more interested in taking pictures. As something I enjoy myself, it’s lovely to see her take an interest at such a young age. I’ve even let her have a few goes with my beloved Samsung NX1000 bridge camera!


Here are a few of the snaps she has taken…

Not entirely bad, are they?! Georgie was pointing the camera carefully at what she wanted to photograph, and then pressing the shutter button very deliberately. She was insistent on wearing the camera strap each time she used it, which is good to see!

After she was snapping photographs, Georgie wanted to see what she has achieved, too. My mini geek was swiping away ineffectively at the camera screen, expecting it to be a touch screen; trying & failing to browse through the photos.


Georgie will be three in May, and I’m wondering about getting her a cheap and fairly durable digital camera to play about with, if she continues to show an interest in taking photos.

I’m not overly keen on plastic “dumbed down” cartoon like toy versions of things, so I’m more interested in finding a beginners point & shoot that looks like it can take a drop or two, rather than a “children’s camera,” especially as image quality is likely to be so much better.

Anyone got any recommendations?

3 thoughts on “Photography by Georgie

  1. Be interested if you get any suggestions as we have been thinking the same for Iz but the kids ones are such low quality images (which there seems no reason for!)

    1. I was looking at the £15 Vivitar ones on Amazon – it’s not a lot of money to gamble and they look nice and simple! I would buy a neck strap too, Georgie would like that I think.

      What do you think of Georgie’s photos?

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