Review: Bigjigs Toys Nurse Nancy Doll

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Bigjigs Toys to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Bigjigs ToysProduct: Bigjigs Toys Nurse Nancy Doll

Price: £10.99

Age Range: 1 year+

Manufacturer’s Description: Meet Nurse Nancy – this soft and cuddly doll is calm in a crisis and ready for any emergency. A very dependable doll who loves a spot of drama, Nancy loves to share playtime fun with her friends when her shift is over. Bigjigs Toys Dolls are available in three different heights – 28cm, 35cm and 38cm. All of our dolls help to inspire creative role play sessions and develop a real sense of companionship. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European safety standards. Age 1+ years. Height: 28cm. – You can always depend on Nurse Nancy to bring an air of calm to an unfolding drama! – Nancy loves to have some playtime fun with her friends, when her shift is over. – Helps to develop creative role play sessions and a real sense of companionship. – Made from quality responsibly sourced materials, Bigjigs Toys conform to current EU safety standards – Ages 1 year and up.

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Nurse Nancy

Review: Last year we reviewed a Melody doll from the Bigjigs Dolls range, as part of the fantastic Play Patrol scheme we have been taking part in since last Spring, and she rapidly became Georgie’s favourite toy. For Christmas, our lucky little girl was given the Bigjigs Daisy Doll Cradle by my parents, and James & I treated her to a new toy pushchair too – all for play time with Melody.

So, when the latest Play Patrol delivery arrived and it was another doll from their range, Georgie could not have been more excited. She ran about clutching Melody in one arm and Nancy in the other, exclaiming “Melody’s got a new friend!” It took an hour of intense doll playtime before she was calm again.

Since Nancy arrived at the beginning of the week, she has had her clothes taken on & off, had pretend baths, been moisturised, taken for rides in the pushchair, slept in the dolls crib, and much, much, more. She has been having so much fun with her, and with the rotten weather outside it has been delightful to watch her enjoy her new doll so much.

This doll is really lovely, with blonde woollen hair and a stitched on smile. Nancy is a soft bodied doll, and she is suitable from one year old; I think that any of the Bigjigs Dolls would make an ideal first birthday present. Nancy is 28cm long, and one of the smaller dolls from the range.

She wears a peppered blue striped dress, nurse apron & hat, with a pair of knickers underneath (Georgie calls this her nappy!). All of this is removable, allowing you to make her naked – useful for practising with clothes fastenings and for pretend play too. Her feet are covered in non-removable white shoes. Visually she is very appealing, and she is definitely very cuddly!

My main gripe with Nurse Nancy is her slightly sexist title – why must the girl doll be “Nurse Nancy” and the male equivalent be “Doctor Tommy” – never mind the fact that “Nurse Nancy” sounds a bit like a soft porn name! Georgie, with no prompting from me whatsoever, has actually decided that she is “Doctor Nancy” – something that I am more than happy to go along with!

I have discovered one physical flaw in our Nancy doll; one of the stitches in her back has come undone a little – it will only take a few minutes and a couple of stitches to repair, but it shouldn’t really be necessary.


Overall I am very pleased with this new friend for Melody, and as Georgie has awarded her the high honour of sleeping with her twice since arrival, I’m pretty sure that she is pretty chuffed with her too! Nancy has also spent a night top-and-tailing with Melody in the Bigjigs crib, which she fits into very well.

Here is a “day in the life” of our Bigjigs dolls…

We give Nancy 4 stars.