Review: SnugiWraps Deluxe Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by SnugiWraps to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

SnugiWrapsLogoProduct: SnugiWraps Deluxe Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Price: from £40.00 depending on options

Age Range: 0+

Manufacturer’s Description: The Deluxe Mei Tai is a very comfortable carrier. You can choose the colour of the straps, the fabric to go on the front, add a hood, add extra padding, applique. Truly custom carriers, designed by you.

  • Integrated Padded Waistband
  • Padded Top & Waist Straps
  • Choice of Strap Colour

The Deluxe Mei Tai was designed with comfort in mind. It features a padded waistband and padded straps as standard. The shape is just perfect for supporting your little one.

Rating: (5/5 stars)


Review: I received the SnugiWraps Deluxe Mei Tai carrier to review just before Christmas, and I was absolutely delighted with it immediately. In the past I have tried plain & patterned traditional wrap slings, as well as Tomy buckled carrier, and a Babasling. After a month of use, this Mei Tai carrier is now my favourite baby carrier.

A Mei Tai carrier is similar to a traditional wrap in that you tie it around yourself and knot it to secure, but instead of it being a “simple piece of cloth” it is much more structured in design; a Mei Tai carrier has a rectangle of fabric to hold your baby, and four straps (one from each corner) to tie around you and secure your baby.

This Snugiwraps Deluxe Mei Tai is absolutely gorgeous; the main body of the wrap has a fun monster print, and it is lined with a plush dimpled lining to keep Lydia snug and warm. The hood, also lined, is incredibly clever with two small cords on the corners to tuck into loops on the shoulder straps, keeping it up over Lydia’s head. It is the perfect size to keep her head covered up and allows for a hat or another hood underneath if wanted.

The straps are wide, well padded, and very comfortable on the shoulders and hips. The fabric for the straps seems very practical and hardwearing, and feels nice against bare skin too.

It is not as versatile as a wrap sling, but as I tend to only use my wraps in “front wrap cross carry” or on the hip, the Mei Tai easily meets my needs – and I am confident using it for back carries too. I have had two years of practise tying slings but after a month I can now tie the Mei Tai just as quickly & easily.

I find the Mei Tai easier to wear than a wrap, as I have trouble getting the fabric of my wrap sling to stay in place sometimes. My shoulders are quite rounded so I often have to hitch a wrap sling to get it to stay spread over my shoulders – important to help distribute the weight evenly. I definitely found that I wasn’t having to adjust the Mei Tai carrier while I was out as much as with a wrap.

I tried two different ways to wear the Mei Tai in front; once with the straps going over and under Lydia’s legs to tie in the back (similar to FWCC with a wrap), and once with the straps tied under her bum. I found the second method very comfortable and much easier to tie. It seemed to be more comfortable for Lydia too. I am still experimenting with different ways to tie when doing back carries, but so far it seems great.

The weight limit for this carrier is 15kg so I can use it for either of my girls, which is useful. Georgie is still only 12kg so it’s good to have the option to carry her comfortably on my back if her legs get tired, and I don’t want the hassle of swapping her into the pushchair and putting Lydia in the carrier, which is what I would have done with a wrap sling.

A nice touch is the canvas bag that came with the sling to store it in; with such long straps you do need to keep it in a bag if you’ve any hope of trying to keep the place tidy! It’s handy to be able to bag it up for carrying it around out and about too; when it’s in the bag you can just throw it into the bottom of the pushchair and get it out when required.

Overall I am extremely happy with this baby carrier and would certainly recommend it. I get a lot of joy from baby wearing and this Mei Tai is the best of the various carriers that I have used.

The one I was sent would have cost £68, with the plush lined snugihood and plush lined body being optional added extras. It is a lot of money to spend at once, but if you’re unsure about baby wearing you can get the basic Deluxe for £40. The Classic Mei Tai is just £35, although the waistband isn’t as padded and you can’t customise the design as much.

As well as selling carriers to order, which takes around 4 weeks, Snugiwraps also have a selection of “In Stock Carriers” so you can get your hands on a carrier quickly, if there is one there that suits your taste.

I give the SnugiWraps Deluxe Mei Tai Baby Carrier 5 stars and think we will be using it for at least another year!

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