Review: Debenhams Flowers – 24 Luxury Red Roses for Valentines Day

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Debenhams Flowers to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: Debenhams Flowers – 24 Luxury Red Roses for Valentines Day

Price: £89.99

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: The ultimate gift this valentines of 24 luxury long stemmed red grandprix roses with cinerea eucalyptus and fresh green salal foliage.

The Valentine’s Day flowers that we offer are of the finest quality, and guaranteed to be fresh for 7 days and delivered with care by our well known courier network in the UK. Pick from our beautiful selection of Valentine’s Day flowers and send a loved one a truly romantic gesture on the most romantic day of the year. Valentine’s flowers are a great way to celebrate the occasion of pure romance in the best way possible which neither party will forget.

Rating: (3/5 stars)

24 Luxury Red Roses for Valentines Day

Review: I had no idea which flowers I was due to receive when Debenhams said they were going to send me a bouquet to review from their Valentines range, so when these luxury Grandprix roses arrived I was blown away by how beautiful they were.

The flowers I were sent is the 24 Luxury Red Roses bouquet, at a slightly staggering price of £89.99. Unfortunately I only received 22 roses, which I would have been pretty disappointed with if I (or James) had ordered them. The great romantic gesture of “two dozen roses” falls somewhat short if it has a few missing!

Other than that slight hiccup (which Debenhams are investigating), first impressions were great. The flowers were so gorgeous and the box of six Guylian seashell chocolates that they included in the delivery too were a lovely, and very yummy, surprise.

I followed the simple & well-written care instructions to the letter, snipping the ends of the flowers and putting them in cold water with the included flower food. The stems had been wrapped in a sort of gel bag full of water to keep them from getting too thirsty en route. We kept the flowers in the dining room, which is a lovely light room, away from direct sunshine or interfering toddler hands!

After a day or two, the roses opened up a bit more and seemed to become even more lovely.

I think they definitely hit their peak at around day three or four, and after that seemed to go downhill a little. I wasn’t entirely unsurprised, as I have never had a bunch of roses last a particularly long time – but for nearly £90 I thought that you should be able to expect more.

Debenhams have a 7 day freshness guarantee, and if I or James had purchased these I would have strongly considered complaining & asking for a refund. Here are the flowers, 7 days on…

As you can see, some of the roses have turned brown and look decayed. Others fell apart at the lightest touch – I was just trying to shift them slightly in the vase to take a photo and the petals would just all drop down to the floor. By the time I had checked each rose in turn I had 12 left, with 3 being too decayed and 7 falling to pieces. Not exactly what I would call lasting freshness… but on the plus side, I was left with a lovely bowl of rose petals.

The guarantee says:

Flower Freshness Guarantee: We guarantee that our flowers and planted arrangements will stay looking beautiful for at least seven days, or your money back.

As wonderful as the roses were when they arrived, I don’t think they “stayed looking beautiful” for the whole week, which was not entirely unexpected, but a little disappointing nonetheless.

Had I received these roses as a gift, I would have been truly blown away by their sumptuousness, velvety petals and gorgeous rich colour. But, I would have been left a bit disappointed a week later, that my gift had not lasted better.

Add to that the fact the incorrect number of roses were sent, and I have to give these roses 3 out of 5 stars. Stunning, but I’m afraid I just don’t think they’re worth the £89.99 price.

2 thoughts on “Review: Debenhams Flowers – 24 Luxury Red Roses for Valentines Day

  1. £89.99 does seem a bit extortionate for roses, and for them not to last 7 days i for one would certainly complain, if it wasn’t valentines day soon these would probably have been a third of the price.

    1. Yes, I do think the biggest problem with these roses is the price! They are the luxury ones though, and Debenhams do bouquets of roses for around half the price for a many roses – using red roses not Grandprix ones.

      Valentines Day seems to hike the prices of anything red or vaguely romantic…

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