Wednesday Wishlist: Beautiful baby wear

I haven’t posted a Wednesday Wishlist post for a while, but I’ve been busy window shopping lately, and wanted to share my favourite finds with you! UGG Australia Spring/Summer ’13 Collection I was invited to go along to Birmingham’s new UGG store to take a look at the new collection and I came away from my look around the shop wishing that I had a… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Beautiful baby wear”

Wednesday Wishlist: Fisher-Price Precious Planet baby gear

I make no secret of it, I am a big fan of Fisher-Price baby products. In my experience, their baby equipment and toys are generally well made, great quality and utterly reliable. The only F-P toy I have ever disliked is the giraffe sit-to-stand toy which proved to be too unstable for Georgie to play with safely – you can read my review here. However,… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Fisher-Price Precious Planet baby gear”

Wednesday Wishlist: Jubilee Mementos

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations this weekend there are so many gorgeous Jubilee gifts and mementos available to buy and I am having to severely restrain myself from spending all of my husband’s pay cheque at once! Here are a few of my favourites for this week’s Wednesday Wishlist… Little Bits of Unity   This adorable padded heart from Little Stitches is handmade and embellished with… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Jubilee Mementos”

Wednesday Wishlist: Goodies from the Baby Patisserie site

For today’s Wednesday Wishlist post, I’ve been happily window shopping on the Baby Patisserie website, and I have to admit I’ve fallen half in love with a lot of the products they have for sale! Here are my particular favourites… My Best Book About Me One thing that I’ve always been a little bit sad about is that we don’t have a baby record book… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Goodies from the Baby Patisserie site”

Wednesday Wishlist: Amazon Kindle!

Some people are always a bit surprised to discover that I don’t have a Kindle*, given that we are a household of “technology enthusiasts” and I am such a massive fan of reading. I have to admit that although I love my iPad & iPhone 4S I would love to have an E ink e-book reader like the Kindle as it is so much lighter… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Amazon Kindle!”

Wednesday Wishlist: Pretty Changing Bags

When I was pregnant James & I went on a basics shop at Mothercare and picked up their Essentials Changing Bag to use as our out-and-about bag – we figured it was unisex, wipe clean and good value. And, although I still think all those things, I can’t help but eye up other Mum’s more fashionable options with a slightly envious eye. Don’t get me wrong,… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Pretty Changing Bags”

Wednesday Wishlist: Brio Wooden Train Sets

One thing I adore about being a parent is that I now have a legitimate excuse to buy toys – I cannot wait for the days of Duplo and Playmobil! It will be a happy day in this house when Georgie can have her first train set – James & I both have a weakness for train sets and I long for the day when we can welcome… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Brio Wooden Train Sets”

Wednesday Wishlist: Babylit Board Books

I’ve been away from my blog for a while, after a couple of nasty bugs which ended up with a nasty chest infection and the inevitable result of me feeling very sorry for myself! After a week of getting steadily worse I took myself along to the doctors and got a course of antibiotics – I’m just finishing this up and feeling much better, although… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Babylit Board Books”

Wednesday Wishlist: iPhone 4S

With last night’s announcement from Apple, what else could this weeks Wednesday Wishlist be, really?! It doesn’t always have to be something just for Georgie (though I will let her play with it… safely in the Fisher Price case we plan to buy soon!) I watched the keynote video this morning (even though I read various liveblogs as it was happening – I am such a geek… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: iPhone 4S”

Wednesday Wishlist: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn iPhone case

When James first pointed this product out to me online, my instant reaction is we need one of those! I think it will actually be on Georgie’s Christmas list this year. The Laugh & Learn iPhone case is a sturdy plastic case with a protective screen to prevent damage to your precious Apple device during playtime. It has great easy grip handles and even rattles… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn iPhone case”

Wednesday Wishlist: Maclaren Accessories

We have a Maclaren Techno XLR pushchair for Georgie, which I absolutely love! We’ve been using it since she was born, and we also got the accompanying Recaro car seat that clips in and turns it into a travel system. Most importantly, Georgie likes it too… She has racked up quite a few hours fast asleep on the seat in the ‘lie flat’ position! The… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Maclaren Accessories”

Wednesday Wishlist: Trunki

Having just been to Cornwall for a week, and then away for the weekend to a glamourous Travelodge as well, I can’t help but yearn after one of these adorable suitcases for my little Georgie! Her clothes and bits & pieces have been instead either mixed in with ours, in our boring black suitcase, or in a boring black suitcase of her own. Do you… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Trunki”