How we protect our gadgets

We are a very geeky household, with gadgets for both the adults and children. With a two year old and a four year old to contend with, it makes sense to try and keep our gadgets from harm by using protective cases. I’ve been using iPhones, iPads and kindles for years now, so here are my (budget friendly!) recommendations for keeping those precious gadgets safe. For… Continue Reading “How we protect our gadgets”

Geeking Out: iOS 8, for parents

Any geeky apple fan will know that Apple are currently holding their 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference. It kicked off yesterday with their opening keynote, the highlight of the conference for those of us interested in the future of iOS – the operating system that iPhones & iPads run on. Basically, on Monday Apple gave everyone a sneak preview of what your phone will be able… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: iOS 8, for parents”

Review: Woolly and Tig iPad app

Georgie really enjoys the Woolly and Tig tv show on Cbeebies, so when they contacted me to let me know that an iPad was being launched, I was looking forward to checking it out. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have quite the same level of appeal as the tv show. The main idea of the app is to entertain children, while making every day activities seem more fun.… Continue Reading “Review: Woolly and Tig iPad app”

Geeking Out: Speed up your blog commenting with text shortcuts on iPhone & iPad

I love to comment on other blogs as much as I can, as the blogging community is a fab place to be. I know how much I enjoy having people comment on my posts to tell me what they think, and so I’m resolving to comment more on blogs when I read them. A lot of the time, I read other people’s blogs on my… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: Speed up your blog commenting with text shortcuts on iPhone & iPad”

Review: PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand

We were sent the PadPivot stand to try out with our iPads and were initially impressed by the stand. The versatility is impressive, and I was looking forward to being able to strap it to my leg in the car or curled up on the sofa with my feet up. Unfortunately, not long into testing, the stand broke.… Continue Reading “Review: PadPivot NST Ultra Portable Universal Tablet Stand”

Review: Otterbox for iPhone 4S Commuter Series

With a toddler in the house, it’s important to have a case that can protect your phone from drops and bangs. The Otterbox Commuter case is a fairly slimline case which attempts to make the compromise between a high level of protection without adding too much bulk. Unfortunately, the result isn’t quite as good as it could be…… Continue Reading “Review: Otterbox for iPhone 4S Commuter Series”

Holidays are Coming!

It’s that time of year again… the official countdown to Christmas has begun, with the first airing of the Coca-Cola Christmas advert! I know I wasn’t the only person to spot the ad tonight during X Factor, as there were other excited people on my twitter stream. I’m clearly not the only saddo out there, hooray! I’m pleased to see that Coca-Cola have made the… Continue Reading “Holidays are Coming!”

Review: OXpwr Two Multi Purpose Battery Pack

I was sent the OXpwr Two a while ago to review (shamefully long ago; I’m afraid pregnancy, illness & other Real Life things have been interfering with the smooth running of Mama Geek!), and must admit am quite a big fan of this little gadget.… Continue Reading “Review: OXpwr Two Multi Purpose Battery Pack”

Geeking Out: Using iOS 6’s new Guided Access mode to kid-proof your devices

Originally developed for children with leaning disabilities, the new Guided Access mode in Apple’s iOS 6 software is a fantastic new development for all parents of touch screen savvy kids. In a nutshell, the new feature allows you to lock down your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to a “single app mode”. In addition to the automatic disabling of all hardware buttons you can also turn… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: Using iOS 6’s new Guided Access mode to kid-proof your devices”

Review: Mooskins Personalised iPhone Case

When I bought my iPhone 4S last year, I quickly got myself kitted out with a Reveal case from Griffin, which I chose because I was concerned about adding too much bulk to my iPhone. However, I was quickly disappointed as the rubber edging of the case didn’t stand up well to Georgie’s grabbing (or any general use), and seemed to get looser & looser, so the case rapidly gathered dust & debris underneath the clear back which looked awful. The bottom opening to the dock connector was too small – it was a very tight fit with the official cable and I couldn’t use our third party in car charger at all, which was a right pain on long journeys.… Continue Reading “Review: Mooskins Personalised iPhone Case”

Geeking Out: AlphaBaby

This week I have discovered a new education baby app called “AlphaBaby” which Georgie adores, thanks to Mama Kate’s blog post “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”. Originally designed just for the Mac, the developer has now released a universal iOS app for 69p, which can be used on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches. The Mac app is free! The basic concept is that your baby hits either the touch screen,… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: AlphaBaby”