My “Golden Build” Hackintosh

My late-2011 MacBook Pro has been good to me and served us well for years, but for work and editing videos it has it’s limitations. I’ve been using it with an external monitor for a second screen, but it was awkward and took up a lot of desk space. Video editing was ok, but could be better – for heavy graphic and video work the… Continue Reading “My “Golden Build” Hackintosh”

Geeking Out: iOS 8, for parents

Any geeky apple fan will know that Apple are currently holding their 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference. It kicked off yesterday with their opening keynote, the highlight of the conference for those of us interested in the future of iOS – the operating system that iPhones & iPads run on. Basically, on Monday Apple gave everyone a sneak preview of what your phone will be able… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: iOS 8, for parents”

Geeking Out: I have a new toy…

…a brand new shiny iPad! It is absolutely gorgeous! I sold my first generation iPad a few weeks ago and have definitely been missing it for sofa browsing and emailing, playing games, etc. My new one is so much faster to use, and the graphics are really nice too. Georgie has been missing my old one too, I think – though she isn’t going to… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: I have a new toy…”

Geeking Out: Burning the Midnight Oil

It is a well known fact that geeks occasionally stay up a little too late doing, well… geeky things. Tonight has been one such night. A rather exciting* parcel arrived today, and so James & I have been in our own little happy geek world ever since and have only just realised that it is past 1am! Oopsie. I am now the proud possessor of a brand… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: Burning the Midnight Oil”

Geeking Out: Georgie’s First Computer

As long as I’ve known him, my husband has had a hankering for an old style iMac G3 – the iconic ones with the big plastic back that came in a range of bright colours. A few years ago when we started thinking about kids James decided that whenever we had our first child, they should have one of these museum pieces as their first… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: Georgie’s First Computer”

Geeking Out: AlphaBaby

This week I have discovered a new education baby app called “AlphaBaby” which Georgie adores, thanks to Mama Kate’s blog post “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”. Originally designed just for the Mac, the developer has now released a universal iOS app for 69p, which can be used on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches. The Mac app is free! The basic concept is that your baby hits either the touch screen,… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: AlphaBaby”

Geeking Out: I am in love…

…with my new iPhone! Yes, I know, that’s very pathetic. It is, after all, just a bit of technology. But oh what a wondrous device it is. I’ve been using an iPhone 3GS for over two years, and had a 3G one before that, so I’m not new to them in general… but the 4S is really a huge improvement for someone skipping the 4. I pre-ordered… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: I am in love…”

Wednesday Wishlist: iPhone 4S

With last night’s announcement from Apple, what else could this weeks Wednesday Wishlist be, really?! It doesn’t always have to be something just for Georgie (though I will let her play with it… safely in the Fisher Price case we plan to buy soon!) I watched the keynote video this morning (even though I read various liveblogs as it was happening – I am such a geek… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: iPhone 4S”

Wednesday Wishlist: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn iPhone case

When James first pointed this product out to me online, my instant reaction is we need one of those! I think it will actually be on Georgie’s Christmas list this year. The Laugh & Learn iPhone case is a sturdy plastic case with a protective screen to prevent damage to your precious Apple device during playtime. It has great easy grip handles and even rattles… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn iPhone case”

Geeking Out: Apple

Every now and again Mama Geek will deviate from its regular programming of mummy matters and delve into the geekier side of life. Today I am going to talk about the fabulousness that is Apple. I really love Apple products, they really do “just work” and are so elegant and easy to use! With an almost non-existent learning curve, and gorgeous design, Apple stuff is… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: Apple”