Geeking Out: AlphaBaby

This week I have discovered a new education baby app called “AlphaBaby” which Georgie adores, thanks to Mama Kate’s blog post “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”. Originally designed just for the Mac, the developer has now released a universal iOS app for 69p, which can be used on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches. The Mac app is free!

On the laptop...

The basic concept is that your baby hits either the touch screen, keyboard or mouse/trackpad, and different letters, shapes & numbers appear on the screen. The visuals are accompanied by either the letter/number being spoken aloud, or a fun sound effect in the case of shapes and pictures. The whole computer is locked down so they can’t get up to any mischief – on the Mac you have to type q-u-i-t in order to close the app, and I don’t think Georgie is quite at that level yet!

...and on the iPad!

You can even have custom photos and record your own sounds – this is particularly easy on the iOS app. I have started to record the sounds for the iPad app using the inbuilt microphone, and have added in photos of myself, James, Georgie and, of course, our dog Homily. She is very confused to hear my voice coming out the the iPad! Georgie, on the other hand, isn’t fazed by the iPad speaking with my voice and actually finds it all highly amusing, thwacking away with delight. It’s actually quite adorable as whenever a photo of James, the dog or myself appears she hits it repeatedly and giggles like mad, while the iPad gabbles repeatedly.. “mummy-mummy-mummy-homily-homily-daddy-daddy”.

The universal iOS app is well worth the 69p price tag, so get buying!

For all you Windows users (shame on you!), there is a similar program available for free called “Baby Smash!” – download & enjoy!

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