Geeking Out: Burning the Midnight Oil

It is a well known fact that geeks occasionally stay up a little too late doing, well… geeky things. Tonight has been one such night. A rather exciting* parcel arrived today, and so James & I have been in our own little happy geek world ever since and have only just realised that it is past 1am! Oopsie.

I am now the proud possessor of a brand new 1TB hard drive which is already happily whirring away busily in my MacBook Pro, whoopee. This was a rather necessary upgrade as my photo library is getting a little out of hand and my laptop was starting to warn me about my disk usage! I am a bit addicted to taking photos and have a hard time pressing the delete button. I decided to do a fresh install of Mac OS X Lion so have spent my evening happily installing my favourite apps and delighting in the speediness of my rejuvenated laptop. My previous laptop drive has been installed in a decent little USB caddy, which I will use to backup my important documents etc.

Our His 'n' Hers iddy biddy laptops!

James, on the other hand, has been completely spoilt by today’s delivery. He had recently decided that he needed a new laptop (this decision being timed rather well to me earning some extra money unexpectedly), and went about researching the many different brands, screen sizes, configuration options, and so on. He finally decided to go for a Novatech nSpire 14″ 2450 – we couldn’t afford a second MacBook Pro and so this seemed like the nicest alternative I think. He was looking at getting one with a bigger screen but ended up going for one a similar size to my 13.3″ MBP instead, for ease of use etc. Of course, he couldn’t just buy the basic model but decided to bump it up to a 1TB hard drive and blu ray player… spending some more of my hard earned cash! 😛

To be fair to him, his current Acer laptop is so badly made that the weight of the screen makes it fall over backwards half the time, and it is horrendously slow and clunky.

So, as a result of todays delivery, we have (rather pathetically I admit) spent our evening with a laptop next to each of us on the sofas, installing applications, setting our favourite preferences, and all the other fiddly things that geeks feel that it is necessary to do in order to get their new (or even just upgraded) computers just right. We only moved upstairs to bed when the baby monitor started complaining about a flat battery!

Oh well, it’s not like we have to get up early in the morning. What?! We do?! Oh bum.

*exciting to us two geeks, at any rate.