Valentines gifts for geeks

We don’t make a massive deal out of Valentines Day in our house, and stick to exchanging cards and small gifts. Some people, I know, go all out though.

As James and I are both geeks, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of ideal geeky gifts to show your love in a different way than flowers & romantic meals. Instead, I’ve come up with a list of gifts that show you understand the person you are with, and what they enjoy most – and I’m including anything from silly geek gifts to some gorgeous tech like the Panasonic Wireless Speaker systems.… Continue Reading “Valentines gifts for geeks”

The Great British Type Off! #GBTypeOff

What ‘type’ of typer are you? That is the question Microsoft are trying to help people answer with their #GBTypeOff tour… You can take their handy quiz online, or visit them at one of their tour locations to take a look at their different keyboards, chat to them about the wonders of typing, and find out what kind of typist you are. We headed over… Continue Reading “The Great British Type Off! #GBTypeOff”

Review: Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard

When I was told about this keyboard, I was very intrigued. In my head, water and electronics should never mix, but a history of sticky keys and crumbs between my letters had me thinking it was a great idea.

I’ve never been one for following the “don’t eat or drink at the computer” rules, and anyone who knows me can testify that I’m the clumsy type. Previously I have pretty much destroyed a few keyboards by making them rather unpleasant to use, with sticky coke and coffee drips, let alone the ketchup (from sausage & egg sandwiches) and other food debris. Georgie has definitely inherited my lack of co-ordination, probably not helped by the fact James is about as bad as me! As she gets older and begins to use computers more, I can see that a washable keyboard is a very good idea indeed.… Continue Reading “Review: Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard”

Geeking Out: Georgie Cam!

There are a lot of Video Baby Monitors* out there and boy, are they expensive. As much as we would have loved to get one when Georgie was born, James & I opted for a standard audio only monitor instead. Recently, the price of wireless webcams has dropped and so James has indulged his geeky side and bought a basic Tenvis one for Georgie’s room.… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: Georgie Cam!”

Geeking Out: Burning the Midnight Oil

It is a well known fact that geeks occasionally stay up a little too late doing, well… geeky things. Tonight has been one such night. A rather exciting* parcel arrived today, and so James & I have been in our own little happy geek world ever since and have only just realised that it is past 1am! Oopsie. I am now the proud possessor of a brand… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: Burning the Midnight Oil”

Review: Mooskins Personalised iPhone Case

When I bought my iPhone 4S last year, I quickly got myself kitted out with a Reveal case from Griffin, which I chose because I was concerned about adding too much bulk to my iPhone. However, I was quickly disappointed as the rubber edging of the case didn’t stand up well to Georgie’s grabbing (or any general use), and seemed to get looser & looser, so the case rapidly gathered dust & debris underneath the clear back which looked awful. The bottom opening to the dock connector was too small – it was a very tight fit with the official cable and I couldn’t use our third party in car charger at all, which was a right pain on long journeys.… Continue Reading “Review: Mooskins Personalised iPhone Case”

Wednesday Wishlist: Amazon Kindle!

Some people are always a bit surprised to discover that I don’t have a Kindle*, given that we are a household of “technology enthusiasts” and I am such a massive fan of reading. I have to admit that although I love my iPad & iPhone 4S I would love to have an E ink e-book reader like the Kindle as it is so much lighter… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: Amazon Kindle!”

Wednesday Wishlist: iPhone 4S

With last night’s announcement from Apple, what else could this weeks Wednesday Wishlist be, really?! It doesn’t always have to be something just for Georgie (though I will let her play with it… safely in the Fisher Price case we plan to buy soon!) I watched the keynote video this morning (even though I read various liveblogs as it was happening – I am such a geek… Continue Reading “Wednesday Wishlist: iPhone 4S”

Geeking Out: Apple

Every now and again Mama Geek will deviate from its regular programming of mummy matters and delve into the geekier side of life. Today I am going to talk about the fabulousness that is Apple. I really love Apple products, they really do “just work” and are so elegant and easy to use! With an almost non-existent learning curve, and gorgeous design, Apple stuff is… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: Apple”