How we protect our gadgets

We are a very geeky household, with gadgets for both the adults and children. With a two year old and a four year old to contend with, it makes sense to try and keep our gadgets from harm by using protective cases. I’ve been using iPhones, iPads and kindles for years now, so here are my (budget friendly!) recommendations for keeping those precious gadgets safe. For… Continue Reading “How we protect our gadgets”

Review: Ideal Cases Personalised Kindle Paperwhite Case

My first impression of the Ideal Cases website was positive; it is an attractive website with a clean & easy-to-navigate design. There is a great range of products & designs, with customisable cases for most of the popular tablets, eReaders & smartphones currently on the market.… Continue Reading “Review: Ideal Cases Personalised Kindle Paperwhite Case”

Review: Mooskins Personalised iPhone Case

When I bought my iPhone 4S last year, I quickly got myself kitted out with a Reveal case from Griffin, which I chose because I was concerned about adding too much bulk to my iPhone. However, I was quickly disappointed as the rubber edging of the case didn’t stand up well to Georgie’s grabbing (or any general use), and seemed to get looser & looser, so the case rapidly gathered dust & debris underneath the clear back which looked awful. The bottom opening to the dock connector was too small – it was a very tight fit with the official cable and I couldn’t use our third party in car charger at all, which was a right pain on long journeys.… Continue Reading “Review: Mooskins Personalised iPhone Case”