Review: Ideal Cases Personalised Kindle Paperwhite Case

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Ideal Cases to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: Ideal Cases Kindle Paperwhite

Price: £29.99 (40% discount code below!)

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: Design your own custom cases and covers for your iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Kindle and iPad. Kindles Kobos and Nooks, we’ve got covers for them all! If you want to protect your eReader screen, and show off your creative side at the same time, then check out our easy to use editor and go create yourself an awesome new eReader cover. We stock Kindle 3 covers, Kindle Keyboard covers, kindle 4 covers and even covers for the new kindle paperwhite.

Rating: (2/5 stars)

Kindle Paperwhite ideal cases

Review: My first impression of the Ideal Cases website was positive; it is an attractive website with a clean & easy-to-navigate design. There is a great range of products & designs, with customisable cases for most of the popular tablets, eReaders & smartphones currently on the market.

The case design tool uses adobe flash which means that it is incompatible with tablets, and I had to use my laptop to design my Kindle case. With the increasing popularity of iPads & android tablets, some of which they sell cases for, it would be better if you could actually design your case using your tablet – after all, a few households have tablets instead of laptops these days, not in addition to.

I decided to use one of the default designs with a grid of five photos for my case, so chose the “Grid Photo Upload” tool. It was easy enough to add photos and zoom them in or adjust their positions, but it lacked fine tune control so I had to put up with set zoom levels rather than being able to get it exactly the scale I wanted. Basic image editing tools are available when you upload photos, allowing you to change things such as image brightness and saturation.

The design tool itself was slow to use and felt generally clunky, making it quite frustrating to use. I chose to have a background colour and was surprised when I selected black and it didn’t fill the whole of the background automatically! I tried a few different background colours and images, and they were all too small to fill the case, and had to be scaled up to fit. It wasn’t obvious how to do this and quite tricky to select the background in order to adjust it. When I tried out a repeating background tile the same thing happened, effectively preventing you from using any of the repeating backgrounds provided, which seems rather pointless.

The default grid design I picked went off the bottom right corner of the case, and wasn’t very well aligned to the centre of the case. The good news is, the case I received matched the preview very well. The bad news is, I was hoping that these problems were just down to the design tool & that the physical product would look better.

The case itself is not the best quality. Although its lovely to have a personalised case, I do feel that it could be better made & the photo printing of higher standard.

The photos are a bit dull and fuzzier than I would expect. The materials the front cover, spine, and inside of the case are made from don’t look that great, or feel very nice in the hand. The front cover is starting to fray around the edges after a few weeks of use.

It would be nice if the case had magnetic closing with sleep/wake function – for the price you pay for this case I would expect this. There is no way at all to keep the case closed, which means it could easily swing open if you dropped your kindle, reducing the protectiveness of the case.

The case doesn’t shut very well & when you fold it back around it doesn’t fold flat so one side is thicker than the other. The kindle itself is held in by four bits of elastic, one on each corner. Unfortunately I have found that the bottom right elastic seems to pop off when reading, which doesn’t feel very secure.

On the inside of the case cover is a handle to slide your hand into, to hold the kindle whilst reading. This handle is not very comfortable, and because you can’t secure the case in the open position either, it has a tendency to flap about a bit when reading.

Overall I give this product two stars; the creation experience on the website was sub-par and the case was of lower standard than I would have expected for £29.99. Although I love the idea of a personalised case, the physical product is not as well made or functional as the (non-personalised) types of cases you can buy for less than £10 on amazon – the personalisation is not worth the extra cost & compromise on quality and functionality, in my opinion.

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