Review: Tiny Tatty Teddy Bath Time Book

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Carte Blanche to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: Tiny Tatty Teddy Bath Time Book

Price: £4.99

Age Range: 0+

Manufacturer’s Description: Celebrate the latest addition to your family this spring with the launch of Tiny Tatty Teddy’s new 2012 range of gifts for tiny tots. The loveable little grey bear with a blue nose will be baby’s friends for life with these adorable presents of every occasion. Bond during bath time and help your baby learn, with the Tiny Tatty Teddy Waterproof Bath Book.

Rating: (4/5 stars)


Review: Georgie has started to really enjoy bath time recently, and has a particular love of bath books. A girl after my own heart, she has started to really love investigating all of the books we offer her, whether they are bath ones or otherwise, and she is a big fan of turning the pages for us. In fact, we often go through a book a little too quickly because she is so eager to turn the page!

However, I have found it difficult to indulge her love of “reading” in the bath as bath books seem to be a slightly forgotten market. They are often boring too look at or made from low quality materials, and it is hard to find (and afford) decent ones. We have a well-read copy of Tilly the Turtle which is her favourite so far out of the few we have found, and so we were interested to see if the Tiny Tatty Teddy bath time book would measure up to the high expectations Tilly seems to have set in Georgie’s little world.

Our first impressions of the book were positive – it is really cute, has a lovely little “day in the life of TTT” storyline, and seems to be made well. Even the packaging was rather lovely, and I liked that the back of the packet showed each page – it is so hard to judge a baby book by it’s cover sometimes and so annoying when they are in a sealed packet with no clue as to the insides!

Once we were settled in the bath and the important bits of Georgie had been washed, we handed over the book and let her investigate to her heart’s content. She quickly recognised it as being one of those wonderful things with PAGES and started flipping through and looking at all the lovely pictures. The book seemed to be upside down half the time, but who cares?!

After the initial new book(!!!) excitement had worn off a little, I was able to read the book out loud to Georgie as she sat calmly looking through it with me (whilst turning the pages on request of course). She seemed to enjoy the admittedly adorable teddy bear pictures, and the text of the book has a nice rhythm to it for reading aloud. I would definitely read this book to her again towards the end of bath time as it is lovely & relaxing, and TTT ends up snuggled up in bed after his own bath… which is of course the aim of a successful bed/bath time routine!

My only criticisms of the book are that the colours seem a little muted for a baby book, although I can see that they fall in line with the brand aesthetics by being as they are, and that the text can be a little difficult to read on a few of the pages against the dotty background. I suspect that I find the style of the book more attractive than Georgie does, as she seems to gravitate towards more brightly coloured things in general.

Having said this, she clearly enjoyed it and it is great to find an enjoyable bath book at all, if only so we have a bit more variety in our lives! James and I both have the story to Tilly the Turtle memorised… 4 stars for this cute book which stood up to Georgie’s teething attacks.

This bath time book is one of a new range of items in the Spring 2012 Tiny Tatty Teddy collection, which is being released on Monday. I have to admit, I have been eyeing up a few of the other items in the collection, in particular the baby rattle, bath towel & some of the cute teddies. All of the TTT plush teddies are guaranteed to be suitable for newborns, so I am thinking of buying a few bits & pieces to give away as new baby gifts – and maybe I’ll end up slipping one or two things in the cart for Georgie as well! Do you have a soft spot for the blue nosed bear?

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  2. We’ve never really ‘done’ books in the bath either but this looks great, especially for any fan of Tatty Teddy 🙂

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