Review: Shopkins Happy Places iOS app

Lydia and Georgie share an iPad and they love to try out new games, especially when they feature characters or brands that they are already fans of. We don’t have a lot of Shopkins toys but they love to open the Shopkins blind bags, so they do have a small collection of them, which they enjoy playing with.… Continue Reading “Review: Shopkins Happy Places iOS app”

Review: My Friend Freddy Bear

I first found out about My Friend Freddy Bear at BritMums Live this year, and was immediately intrigued by the product – an interactive soft toy that connects to an iPad (or other tablet – it works with Android devices too). Lydia is a huge soft toy obsessive, and so a teddy that knows her name and asks for cuddles is perfect for her.… Continue Reading “Review: My Friend Freddy Bear”

Review: Eli Explorer iPhone / iPad app from Colto

Georgie has been playing with this app on and off for a few weeks now, and definitely enjoys it. Eli Explorer is a “free roam” style app, where children can direct Eli to go wherever they wish, as he interacts with his environment, and speaks the names of things seen on screen.… Continue Reading “Review: Eli Explorer iPhone / iPad app from Colto”

Review: ABC Gurus iPhone / iPad app from Colto

Georgie (almost 4) and Lydia (just 2) have both been playing with this app since I installed it on their iPad, and they both love it. Georgie knows her letters and is learning all of the phonetic pronunciations right now, so this app is perfect for her.… Continue Reading “Review: ABC Gurus iPhone / iPad app from Colto”

Review: Hopster TV (iPad app)

We were offered a trial subscription to the Hopster app, a new TV on demand app aimed just at children, and so we gave it a go for a couple of months. The basic idea of the app is that instead of needing to navigate to the children’s section of an on demand tv app like iPlayer, your child is able to open up the app and go straight to their favourite TV shows. Instead of complicated menus and controls the interface is ultra simple and child friendly.… Continue Reading “Review: Hopster TV (iPad app)”

Review: Woolly and Tig iPad app

Georgie really enjoys the Woolly and Tig tv show on Cbeebies, so when they contacted me to let me know that an iPad was being launched, I was looking forward to checking it out. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have quite the same level of appeal as the tv show. The main idea of the app is to entertain children, while making every day activities seem more fun.… Continue Reading “Review: Woolly and Tig iPad app”