Giveaway: Fingerlings Baby Monkeys

It’s giveaway time… win a Fingerlings Baby Monkey! We saw these cute Fingerlings Baby Monkeys at BlogOn earlier in the year and they are ridiculously adorable. Fingerlings love hanging onto your finger, and respond to being touched, spoken to, and even know when they are hanging upside down! You’ll fall in love with these sweet and sometimes silly critters with their realistic monkey sounds, adorable… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Fingerlings Baby Monkeys”

Review: My Friend Freddy Bear

I first found out about My Friend Freddy Bear at BritMums Live this year, and was immediately intrigued by the product – an interactive soft toy that connects to an iPad (or other tablet – it works with Android devices too). Lydia is a huge soft toy obsessive, and so a teddy that knows her name and asks for cuddles is perfect for her.… Continue Reading “Review: My Friend Freddy Bear”

Unboxing the Miniland Super Blocks (32 pcs)

We really enjoy making the odd video in this house, and so when we were offered the chance for Georgie to record her first unboxing video we jumped at the chance.

If you don’t know what an unboxing video is (have you been living under a rock?), basically it is a video where you take a product out of it’s box for the first time, and take a look at what is inside. Yes, really. Personally, I love them… I’m not even sure why. Georgie was watching toy unboxing videos on YouTube just a few days ago.… Continue Reading “Unboxing the Miniland Super Blocks (32 pcs)”

Review: Bigjigs Toys Wooden Safari Animal Building Blocks

Georgie’s 3rd Bigjigs Mission 3 package arrived with these gorgeous Safari Building Blocks inside… and a special challenge. We had to make a creative video with our new building blocks, and review the new toy within the video too.

After lots of fun and stacking of blocks, here is our video review!

I’d like to talk about this building block set a little as well, for those who would prefer to read a written summary of why Georgie loves this toy so much.… Continue Reading “Review: Bigjigs Toys Wooden Safari Animal Building Blocks”