Review: Count Me In 123 Number Chums app

Disclosure: A tablet was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my disclaimer, this review represents our honest opinion of the app.

Product: Count Me In 123 Number Chums app

Price: free!

Age Range: under 5s

Manufacturer’s Description: A fun and educational game created to help pre-school children to develop vital early maths’ skills in counting, numbers, shape and size. The friendly gang of Number Chums will capture children’s imaginations and make learning a fun and engaging experience.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: Count Me In 123 Number Chums is a new app from Yorkshire Bank, and is a part of their new numeracy program for under 5s. The app is a free download available on both iOS and Google Play, and explores three different aspects of numeracy for pre-schoolers.

Count Me In 123 Number Chums!

Georgie and Lydia have both been really enjoying this app. The three characters, Rabbit, Croc and Monkey, are really fun and the cartooning is really nicely done. The colours are all bright and cheerful, and the whole numeracy program seems very appealing to the kids.

The app explores three areas; shapes, counting, and size. Each area has a series of questions and then a confetti sprinkled well done screen at the end. When your child gets a question wrong, they are encouraged to try again, and if they get it right they are rewarded with a “well done” or similar positive message.

As well as the app, the numeracy program includes worksheets featuring the characters, and an online rhyming counting story you can watch/read with your child. Both children enjoyed the Monkey’s Birthday story, which is bright & cheerful, and a great fun way to explore all areas of numeracy. 

Monkey's Birthday

There are four worksheets; Postman Monkey, Shopping list, Super shapes! and Big and small. Georgie completed all four of the worksheets and really enjoyed them – she’s really into her numbers and patterns so they were just a lot of fun for her to do, and she sat down and did all the worksheets in one sitting.

Each worksheet covers a different topic, so that your child gets to practise their Number recognition, Shapes and pattern,  Size and measurement, and Counting skills. There are helpful notes for grown ups on the bottom of each worksheet, and ideas for exploring each topic further.

Count Me In 123 Worksheets

On the Count Me In 123 website, you can even download a certificate to print out and give to your child when they complete the app & worksheets. Georgie was very proud and pleased with it!

Count Me In 123 Number Chums Certificate

The app and the whole numeracy program is free to use, with no in-app purchases or advertising. It’s a great introduction to numeracy for young children, and I love that it covers so many areas rather than just counting from 1 to 10. My only criticisms of the app would be that Georgie blazes through it quite quickly; it would be nice if there was a bit more content to it, with perhaps some further levels in each area.

Georgie is just starting reception at primary school, and Lydia is beginning pre-school at two and a half years old, so this app was great for both of them. Lydia has just about mastered 1 to 10 verbally and is learning the the numbers themselves, and is great on her shapes and size recognition, so she has really been enjoying the challenge of this app. It’s been interesting to watch Georgie start to recognise groups of items quickly as a particular number rather than counting out each item to get the total.

We give the Count Me In 123 Number Chums app 5 stars. Their entire numeracy program is really approachable and appealing for the children, and the girls have certainly enjoyed practicing their maths skills with the app and worksheets.

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  1. This app looks great! With LP just starting school we’re looking for more apps that will help her with numbers, letters and things x

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