Review: Mardles DiscovAR Colouring Book and AR Sticker Pack

We discovered Mardles Augmented Reality stickers earlier this year, and had some fun painting rocks, adding Mardles AR stickers, and hiding them in our local park for people to find. The girls really enjoyed that so when we were offered the chance to try out their interactive colouring book as well as a set of stickers I jumped at the chance – especially since it was for their Aquatic Adventures book and Under The Sea stickers, as Georgie is a huge fan of sea creatures.… Continue Reading “Review: Mardles DiscovAR Colouring Book and AR Sticker Pack”

Pipity Activity Case Review

Review: Pipity Activity Case and Portfolio

Georgie has blossomed into a really creative child and is always drawing, colouring, or cutting & sticking to make colourful crazy creations! The Pipity Activity Case is perfect for her, and will be ideal for keeping her amused on long car journeys, quiet afternoons at home, and pretty much anywhere else.… Continue Reading “Review: Pipity Activity Case and Portfolio”

Review: Slumbersac Sleeping Bag with Feet

Lydia stopped wearing sleeping bags when she moved into her toddler bed, switching to a small duvet & blankets. The only problem is she does not stay still while sleeping. Her bed is very low to the floor so she doesn’t wake up when she wriggles out of it; consequently we never know whether she will even be in her bed when we go in to check on them at night, let alone what position she is in or whether she has managed to stay covered up.… Continue Reading “Review: Slumbersac Sleeping Bag with Feet”

Review: Diono Monterey 2 – high back booster seat

We were sent the Diono Monterey2 high back booster for Georgie to test out, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect; Georgie is just at that stage between nearly growing out of her toddler car seat, and just going over the minimum requirements of a booster seat. Being so tall yet skinny, Georgie is really light for her age and obviously we wanted to wait until her weight was definitely over the 15kg lower limit – which meant waiting until now.… Continue Reading “Review: Diono Monterey 2 – high back booster seat”

Review: Party Bags & Supplies – Minions Party Pack

We were invited to choose a party pack to review from Party Bags & Supplies, and as the kids are loving the Minions at the moment (who isn’t?!), we chose this Despicable Me Minions set, which costs just £22.00 and contains party supplies for 8 people.… Continue Reading “Review: Party Bags & Supplies – Minions Party Pack”

Review: Lindam Funpack Harness

We took the Lindam Funpack Harness with us on holiday to Cornwall and found it so useful for Lydia. This product is basically a small toddler-sized backpack to which you can attach a rein, preventing your child from walking too far from you.

The backpack is the perfect size for Lydia; at 18 months she is a very confident walker & climber and is displaying a fair amount of independence, wanting to walk with us but not always hanging onto our hand. This backpack allows her to walk on her own, but stops her from running off.… Continue Reading “Review: Lindam Funpack Harness”

Review: LumiPotti Night Light Potty

The LumiPotti is a potty with a night light, designed for 24 hour use. My initial thoughts when I opened the box were that it seems to be good quality, with a decent thickness and strength to the plastic – not at all flimsy like some super cheap potties I’ve seen.… Continue Reading “Review: LumiPotti Night Light Potty”