Pipity Activity Case Review

Review: Pipity Activity Case and Portfolio

Georgie has blossomed into a really creative child and is always drawing, colouring, or cutting & sticking to make colourful crazy creations! The Pipity Activity Case is perfect for her, and will be ideal for keeping her amused on long car journeys, quiet afternoons at home, and pretty much anywhere else.… Continue Reading “Review: Pipity Activity Case and Portfolio”

Absurd Duplo Creations

We have a lot of Duplo. When Georgie was just starting to get to Duplo age, we managed to get a big tub of the stuff at a bargain price on eBay, and we have been adding “interesting” bits & pieces to our collection ever since that starting point. We have now amassed a rather huge collection, filling one large and one medium sized tub. Georgie and… Continue Reading “Absurd Duplo Creations”