Review: Little Brian Paint Sticks range

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Product: Little Brian Paint Sticks range

Price: prices start from £5.99

Age Range: 36 months+

Manufacturer’s Description: Looking for something new to do with the children where you can have all the fun with less of the mess? Well, look no further thanks to Little Brian and our range of Paint Sticks which launched to rave reviews from both the parents as well as kids of all ages! A fun, clean, simple and very convenient way to paint, Little Brian Paint Sticks have fast become the latest must have toy for any art or craft fan! They can even be popped into a travel bag to keep the children entertained on holiday too!

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: We have been using Little Brian Paint Sticks for over a year, and Lydia really loves using them, so she was delighted to have a few new sets arrived to get creative with.

We were sent a 12 pack of original Paint Sticks, a 12 pack of Mini Paint Sticks, and a 20 pack of their newest product, Chalk Sticks.

Paint Sticks work along the lines of glue sticks, where you twist the bottom of the stick to bring up more of the inner cylinder of, in this case, solid paint. They are the least messy method of painting I have ever come across, while being super fun and letting you get creative with a range of bold, bright colours.

The original Paint Sticks dozen pack includes a nice rainbow of colours, as well as black, white and brown, so you can paint all manner of pictures. The paint goes onto the paper really smoothly, dries quickly, and you get a good vibrant ‘coat’ easily. You can even add some water to blend paint and so on, when they are ready to try some more advanced techniques.

Georgie and Lydia had great fun with a sheet I gave them that had a layer of black paint over a rainbow of colours, making a scratch art picture with toothpicks. They had a great time painting onto stamps and making stamp art pictures, too.

The mini Paint Sticks are great as they get older, allowing for more detailed paintings with their smaller size, and can also be popped into a pencil case to take along with you. Perfect for colouring on the go!

In addition to messing about with the Paint Sticks, the girls were excited to try out the Chalk Sticks, which I was really impressed with. They look a little bit like wax crayons; wrapped in paper and around the same size.

From the packaging, I was expecting them to be shaped sticks of chalk, but these are a much less messier version of chalk. It’s smoother and softer, and dust-free.

You can use the Chalk Sticks on all kinds of surfaces – and Lydia was determined to try all the types that were listed on the packaging; blackboard, whiteboard, cardboard, wood (she opted for the living room furniture – with permission), and the living room window.

Georgie joined in with the testing and they both approved of the variety of colours and how nice they were to use. The only negative they had was that if they pressed too hard or held them at a funny angle they were a little easy to break, but they were still usable – just a bit shorter! They wiped off all the various surfaces we tried them on very easily with a damp cloth, even on the wood grain.

Overall we have been very impressed with the Chalk Sticks, and we were already big fans of the Paint Sticks range – definitely a 5 star review from us.

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