Braving the Ascarium at Sea Life Birmingham

Disclosure: As Sea Life ambassadors we have annual passes free of charge for the purpose of blogging about our visits.

Earlier this week the girls and I headed into the city centre to check out Sea Life’s half term offering; the Halloween inspired “Ascarium” complete with a Sea Witch and a hunt for her missing spell ingredients.

We were invited to continue our position as Sea Life ambassadors in the summer, and the girls are delighted to carry on visiting regularly and share our thoughts of each new development here on the blog and over on our YouTube channel.

When we entered the centre the girls were handed an Ascarium trail sheet each and we set off to hunt for the missing spell ingredients! Each tank that contains one of the missing objects was labelled with a big round sticker to make it easier to spot them as you walk around. The objects were a good size and mostly quite easy for the kids to spot, with only one that was a bit tricky – a black spider emerging from a dark chest.

The first thing you see when entering the Birmingham Sea Life Centre are the penguins – Georgie’s favourite creatures on Earth! We sat watching and playing with them for quite a while, much to the amusement of the other visitors – Georgie brought along one of her toy penguins for the purpose of interacting with the penguins through the glass. They always come over to see what’s going on if the girls waggle a toy against the window – especially if it is a high contrast one like Lydia’s beloved Ewan sheep, or one of Georgie’s penguins.

As you walk around the centre, you can see signs of new developments in progress so I am looking forward to see what is next to arrive! It was nice to visit the new piranhas and jellyfish areas now they have settled in – the colour change lighting on one of the jellyfish tanks is now up and running too, and Georgie and Lydia both enjoyed seeing the jellyfish ‘turn different colours’ as the lights changed. I find the jellyfish so mesmerising to watch, I could stay and watch them for ages.

The ocean tunnel, which now has a (only slightly terrifying to walk on) 360° view of the giant tank, was full of activity as we dawdled our way through it, with both of the giant Sea Turtles swimming around – Lydia can tell the difference between them and was very pleased to see her favourite Sea Life resident Molokai out and about.

Georgie was delighted to spot Zebedee, the Zebra Shark that she has been visiting since it’s birth (in 2014), gliding around the tank too, looking right at home – having ‘graduated’ to the ocean tunnel recently.

There were a few seasonal decorations dotted about, and when we got to the end of the walk around the centre, the Sea Witch was waiting to greet the children and give them a reward for finding all the ingredients. They did a special spell together, and posed for a photo, and the girls were very pleased with their new Ascarium drinking cups! The back of the Ascarium leaflet is a little certificate congratulating you for finishing the Ascarium trail, with a spot to write in their names.

We’d been doing the all year round Dive book as we walked around too, so they also came out with a medal for finding all the Dive stations, and they also got a pop badge each on arrival, so they were very happy with their mini haul of goodies.