Review: Smart Globe Myth – 2 in 1 Day and Night Globe

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my PR Info page, this review represents our honest opinion of the product. This post may contain affiliate links.

Product: Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Myth – 2 in 1 Day and Night Globe with Audio Stories

Price: £39.99

Age Range: 5 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: This cleverly designed new SmartGlobe offers double the learning fun plus audio stories. By Day, the globe shows political boundaries, oceans, country names, capital cities. Then at night with just the press of a button, budding astronomers can view an illuminated map of the stars and planets. Displaying 88 stunning constellation the globe turns into an impressive room decoration, ideal for children who find a night light soothing.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: This lovely globe is ideal for supporting your child’s learning at home and would be perfect for home education families, in particular. We were sent this a few weeks ago to review, and Georgie and Lydia both really enjoy using it.

There are two modes to this globe – by day you can use it as a regular globe to look at the planet Earth, and learn all about all of the countries, continents, capital cities, and so on. In the dark, you can light it up from the inside and 88 different constellations glow on the globe’s surface.

Lydia has loved constellations since she had chicken pox, and some of her spots on her back were in the exact configuration of one of the constellations, as pointed out by her Grandad, while he joined the dots with camomile lotion! Ever since that, she has always taken an interest in them when she sees things with constellations printed on, and so on, and loves to shut the curtains, turn off the lights, and look at them all on the globe.

As well as all the visual info you get with this globe, it also has a whole load of audio snippets to listen too, including information about some of the major constellations, some traditional fairy tales (in keeping with the myths theme), and lots of different facts about the Earth, covering five different categories.

The controls for these can all be found on the base of the globe, along with volume and light level controls, and the main power button. Lydia really enjoys listening to the fairy tales, and Georgie soaks up the facts about the Earth – both our girls really enjoy learning new things and this globe is perfect for that.

In addition to the day and night modes, and audio recordings, you can find out even more about the planet and the animals and landmarks on it, by using the free Smart Globe AR app, which is available for both iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android.

To use this, you simply open the app, go into AR mode, choose a category (i.e. animals, landmarks, facts), and then point the camera at the globe. On the screen, all sorts of things pop up on the surface of the globe, and you can tap them for more information about them. The girls really enjoyed this and tried out all the different categories, spinning the globe to see what is in which country.

The Smart Globe Myth uses three AA batteries which are included, so it’s ready to go as soon as you open the box. You can also power it from a standard powered USB socket with the provided cable, which means it can also be used as a funky nightlight, with the constellations glowing gently all night long.

Overall we have been very impressed with the Smart Globe Myth from Oregon Scientific, and I give it a 5 star rating – I think you get a lot of learning for your money, and it is visually stunning, especially in night mode with all the constellations glowing on the surface.