Pumpkin Spooktacular 2018 at Hatton Adventure World

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At the weekend we drove down to Hatton Adventure World in Warwickshire to check out their Halloween half term offering; Pumpkin Spooktacular. With everything from a witch to learn spells from to a hunt for pumpkin animal signs, there is plenty of Halloween goodness to enjoy and to keep you entertained all day long.

We started off with the ‘outside bits’ first – the weather was dry, although very cold, and we wanted to make the most of it before the rain started. Lydia was eager to have a bounce on the big bouncy castle and inflatable slide, and both girls enjoyed the three little rides they have there.

We had a Pumpkin Trail sheet so we took a little walk around the outdoor areas enjoying the real animals while we kept an eye out for the big pumpkin animals signs. This circle around the farm brought us around to the signs pointing towards the pumpkin patch so we headed over to the field full of pumpkins to choose which ones would be coming home with us. The girls wanted just the right size and shade so it took a little while to find their perfect pumpkins!

Before heading to Snorty’s restaurant for lunch, we took a quick trip on the Bewitching Trailer Ride during the ‘safe for under 8s’ timeslot, and the girls really enjoyed looking at all the Halloween decorations around the fields and woods – and we even spotted an animal pumpkin for our Pumpkin Trail sheet!

We always really enjoy the food at Hatton and there’s nothing quite like a hot meal on a cold day to warm you up. The sausages are really good and the girls enjoyed their slices of pizza. It isn’t too expensive either; the four of us had a hot meal each and the girls had drinks too, for under £25. The portions are good, and there are some really healthy options on the menu.

Next up it was a quick visit to see the animals and cuddle the guinea pigs, which is always a favourite activity of both Lydia and Georgie, and before we knew it, it was time to visit Agnes the Witch! Her show was very entertaining, with magic tricks, special effects, and of course some audience participation.

We headed into the Haunted House afterwards and it was great! The girls loved going from room to room and seeing all the different Halloween scenes in each one, with some bits making us jump and some making us laugh. The events marquee also has a pumpkin carving area where you could sit to carve your pumpkin, and enter it into the pumpkin carving competition if you want.

We had a little time before the Halloween Puppet show that we wanted to see before heading home, so we went back to Snorty’s for a much needed hot drink and a snack while Georgie and Lydia had a brilliant time on the “AMAZING” slides and clambering around the soft play area. Lydia even went on the tallest slide – and absolutely loved it. There is lots to enjoy at Hatton even when the weather is a bit grim, and the soft play area is definitely one of the girls’ favourite bits on a cold day.

Before we headed home with our tired out little girls (via the Hatton Sweet Shop – YUM) we popped into the Family Theatre to enjoy the puppet show. The guy that does the shows in the family theatre is really silly and funny, and entertains all the audience members – of all ages!

Despite the cold and iffy weather we had a lovely day at Hatton and the girls were tired and happy on the way home, clutching their pumpkin medals and enjoying a treat each from the sweet shop. Hatton always has a great range of all-weather activities for visitors during the school holidays, and it didn’t disappoint on this visit. They have a lovely range of animals to enjoy, including snakes and a variety of reptiles, along with the usual farm animals.

Pumpkin Spooktacular is on until 4th November so if you’re looking for a day out this half term do check it out – and I’m sure it will be back again next year too!

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Spooktacular 2018 at Hatton Adventure World

  1. Hatton is always a great place for entertainment, I love what they’ve done for Halloween this year. We haven’t been on Halloween for a while now, maybe we will give it a try next year.

  2. Arwwww, it looked like you all had a super fab day! Cold but fab! I’d like to go back to Hatton Adventure World, we haven’t been for a couple of years now, we shall make a return next summer I think!

    1. It was good but very very cold – we were looking back at past Halloween week visits and the girls weren’t even wearing coats last year!

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